“Discovering the Magic Within.”
Elena, ready
for scepter training? Absolutely, Mateo.
And I have a great idea. Instead of training for battle, let’s use my new scepter
to do some good. [Mateo]
What did you have in mind? [Elena]
It’s family picnic day! I think we can
spruce things up a bit. Please, allow me. Ignite! [gasps] [both gasp, growl] Sorry. [all laughing] If you think these flowers
look pretty… Bloom! [children yelping] [gasps] Oopsie daisy. Get it? [snorts]
Because they’re daisies? [chuckling]
Yeah, I’m going. Um… Perhaps we should, uh,
head back to the palace. Not yet.
I have one more surprise, and this one
couldn’t possibly go wrong! Envision fireworks! [both scream] -[screams]
-[yelps] Oh, run! [groans] This was a bad idea. Oh, really? Look! [all laughing] [laughs] Told you
it would work! Well, that’s one way
to train.

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