NOBODY saw this coming! Card trick with a FUNNY ending.

– Bing!
(cash register bell) Welcome back, everybody! Wes Barker here. You know that, ’cause that’s
why you’re on this channel. You get it. What do we do at this channel? When it’s crappy weather, we
go to people’s work places. In the sunshine, we hit the beach. Crappy weather, we go
to people’s work place. So I’m gonna stop by
some work, some offices, flower shop, like, I
think a furniture store. Wherever we can. We’re
gonna find some ladies! And dudes with beards. Nothing in between. So that’s what’s gonna happen right now. At our first stop, today… I don’t know how I’m gonna edit this, so maybe this won’t be our first stop. You’ll see. Check it out. ♪ Wes ♪ (funky music) – [Camera Man] You didn’t clear the shot. – Oh! Ah! ♪ Yeah, Wes ♪ (laughing) ♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah, ye-yeah Wes ♪ (laughing) ♪ Get me Wes ♪ ♪ Yeah, Wes ♪ It’s magic trick time.
– Great. Are you ready for this? – Yeah.
– It’s exciting, right? I bought this card today.
– Okay. – This one’s from a magic shop. – Okay.
– It’s a magic card. – Okay.
– Okay? It’s pretty powerful.
– Yeah. – Okay, just so you know. Basically, whatever card this one touches, it’ll change into that card. – Okay. – So, like, watch. Just touch a card. Touch the back of one of them. Okay, we’ll bring this
one to the top here. Now, so I just take this, and you just have to set it on top. – Yeah.
– Not for very long. Just set it on top (mumbles), turn them both over, and then boom! – Whoa!
– Twinsies! I know, it’s pretty crazy.
– Yeah, yeah. – And the thing… people are like: Oh, I just got lucky. No,
it’ll happen over and over. Here, take a different
one. There, yeah fine. Okay, see, wait for a
second. Turn them both over. – Hey!
– Wow. – Yeah, yeah, yeah!
– Repeatable all day! Magic!
– Magic. – Are you ready for some magic? – Yes, let’s do it.
– Okay, good, okay. No mustache, and it’s back. See? Tricks! Okay, CGI. Okay, this one… I bought this card here.
– Yeah. – It’s a very special card,
bought it at a magic shop. Okay? It turns into any card it touches. I know, sounds impossible. It’s true. Like watch, watch.
Literally, you touch a card, whatever one you want, just touch one. ‘Kay, this one’s a
tricky one. Okay, watch. Take it, put it on top.
Same card, goes on top. You wait, I don’t know how long. Like I said, whatever. Boom! – Whoa!- What? – Work every… like, literally,
it just keeps changing into whatever card you touch. Impossible, right? I know the other side of
this is… pretty crazy. – Maybe the magic’s in there.
– Try one more, try one more. Not that one, that one right
there. Okay, let’s see. Right here on top, you
wait a second. Boom! Boom! Is it possible?!
– Magic! – Which one? That one there. All right, so keep it all
as fair as possible, right? Okay, take this card, I
set it on top like that. Gonna wait a second. When
I turn it over, boom, see? – [Woman In Button-Up
Shirt] Oh, okay. Okay. – Is it powerful?
– All right. (laughing) – I know. So like I said, I can’t let you see the other side though. It’s too whoo-hoo! On the other side. We’ll try again.
(laughing) I’ll show you. Here,
take and point to one, point to just one, whichever one. That one there? Okay, watch. Watch, same thing. Take
the same card, right? Set it on top like this,
turn it over. Boom! (Woman in button-down shirt mumbles) It changes every time, like I said. – Okay, one more part. – It’s very powerful. One more time. Let’s do it one more time.
Here, point to a different one. I just want to show you how many times it can actually work for me. (mumbles) Ooh, this one’s tricky.
Watch, three times in a row. You take it, turn it over, boom! – [Woman In Button-Down Shirt] Dammit! – I always try to catch him.
– Every time! I got it at the magic store,
I didn’t know what to buy. Here you go, but I won’t let you guys so you can actually see it. You didn’t looked, didn’t you? (laughing) – [Woman In Button-Down
Shirt] She sort of glanced. – It’s not good for you,
you don’t wanna see it. You don’t wanna look at it, I swear, you don’t wanna turn that over. You want to look at it so
bad, don’t you? (mumbles) All right, but don’t tell anyone. You can look at it just for now. Just between us, you can look at it. – Wha?!
(laughing) That’s amazing! (conversation overlaps) God! That’s so inappropriate – I know! Okay. (laughing) – That’s what I feel
like for turning it over. (laughing) – Yeah, that’s good.
– That’s great. – That’s …
(laughing) Everyone’s like, “How
did you draw such a…” I’m like, “I traced it.”
(laughing) It wasn’t mine, though.
(laughing) (laughing) – How’d it do that? – Pick that one there?
– Yeah. – Watch this. See, same card like I said. It’s magical, and I just
take it and I turn it over. It changes into that card. (overlapping conversation) You can’t see this, though.
It’s crazy, though, right? – Yeah! (mumbles) – But I gotta, sorry.
But yeah, no, thanks man. I appreciate it. But yeah, like
I said, it’s pretty sneaky. So, pretty good stuff.
Thank you. – Thanks, appreciate it. (laughing) – That hilarious! That’s
the best part, I like it! That was nice, that was nice. – Thanks guys. (mumbles) ♪ Give it to me, Wes ♪

  1. Old Paul Richards trick … I use ESP cards and leave card in pack before flipping over … great stuff , Wes!

  2. I see where it gets fishy, but i have no idea how to do it. I only see, the differences in the order of the two cards

  3. The end was the best part xD love the walk away and leave them with the card knowing they are so stumped that they will turn it over.

  4. Ive been trying to understand the method for a few days now, and judging by the handling and the cuts I thought it was rough at first but then I realized it was very smooth. You basically switched my opinion. Did I get it? 😂

  5. That flower guy: maybe the magic is in there (points to his heart)
    Wes: ignores it and just keep on going

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