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toys but all the opinions are my own Welcome back to my Mojiland right behind me , these are all the ones ive already collected but today were going to be looking at the New Official Party Series I cant wait they look amazing lets see what the mojipops party series has to bring over here we have the food truck I love this car and here we have the 8 pack I cant believe it comes with two surprise pearl mojipops theres a new feature on the box that shows that mojo-ops have there own interchangeable faces so you can change there face around and they will show a new emotion and over here we have the club rooms look these are two club rooms and we’ve got 4 club room boxes down here and on the back it also shows there are some club houses theres six to collect and theres 12 club rooms to collect in the mojipop party series there are 90 to collect and over here we have four single packs so what shall we start with? do you think were going to find the ultra rare exclusive poppy celebrity do you ? do you? lets get these 8 packs open In Mojipops party series there are 6 categories foodies fruits, crafties homies , cuties and gardeners now lets see what we got out of the eight packs heres wolfie, stinky and stinky is a pearl finish and we also have Frida You can also get other finishes like glitter and gold also nana, pots, and choppy lets change pots face did you know there are twelve to collect its so cool right now he’s feeling ha ha now when I turn his face around he’s going to feel a different emotion now now he is felling mwah all these are so cool but check out these pearl finishes at the end we have Berta and Delis there so awesome I absolutely love the pearl shine on them now lets get the club rooms open these clubrooms have made a great addition to my mojipop land we even got a glitter finish Betty lets checkout some more mojipops oh my gosh we got the ultra rare exclusive poppy celebrity look guys she is awesome she’s even got loads of glitter on her I love it check out how Cool the food truck is the mojipops sure to love a party but wait why are they so sad I wonder whats wrong they should be throwing a party to celebrate the new mojipop packs launching ive got none from the gardeners set they must be missing you cant have a party without the gardeners cause they always have the best party plans they must be in the garden they love to throw party out there sometimes I know who can help me Poppy Celebrity she always makes everyones mood change its her special power come on Poppy Lets do this! As you can see its raining outside so they wouldn’t be out there where else do you think they could be? Good idea Poppy Celebrity Let go look Come on guys over here Look there all there Look guys we found Rosalin she a pearl finish and over here we have drops and up here is Alba and down here we have the two Honeys We found all of them. Lets go Party Whoop Whoop Were back in Mojiland and everyones happy so were going to party Who’s having fun guys I know I am who wants to get some food from the taco store who? ok then lets go so ill see you later Bye

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