My Ten Best Bar Tricks (Secrets Revealed!) | Steve-O

(snorts violently) (coughs loudly) (air whooshing) – [Steve-O] Yeah, dude. I’m about to give up secrets
I never thought I would. Because these tricks are how
I used to get free money, free drinks, and frankly,
a bunch of pussy. Okay. Here it goes. (classical music) I’m gonna balance this drink on my head. While I balance this drink I’m not allowed to raise my arms at all,
and I have to drink it without spilling a single drop. (upbeat funky music) Okay. Bending your back leg, get your butt down. We’re going to pick up
this cup with our knees. (upbeat funky music) As promised. If you can’t figure out how to
get free drinks out of that, you don’t deserve them. (classical music) This is my beautiful fiance, Lux. Who I don’t believe has seen this trick. Which I think is worth… a $20 bill, and I’m gonna put it in
between my soda bottles. Okay. Now to get this right, you wanna to set the top
bottle a little bit back. The trick is as such, I’m
gonna pull out the money, but I’m only allowed to touch it with just one finger from each hand. Are you ready? – I’m ready. – Okay, here we go. (inhales sharply) – Wow – How you like that! Yeah! Free shot! Motherfucker! – I really like that! (classical music) – For this knife to go in this bottle, there’s not a lot of room to spare. You see? But, I’m gonna drop the knife into the bottle all the way… up here. (suspenseful music) Now. (Exhales) – [Lux] That looked like he
didn’t even measure that. – Right, I don’t have to. Spray the knife, and then
the drops will tell you where it’s gonna land. One, two, three. [Steve-O And Lux] Whew! – Motherfucker! How you like that? – [Lux] Now drink it – Now (laughs). (classical music) Here we have a standard pint
glass and an American dime. I’m gonna balance the pint glass on it’s edge like that top of the dime. Okay. Here goes. It’s never really easy, but
it’s almost always doable. (suspenseful music) (harp trills) Oh, look at that shit! Come on! Are you kidding me? Fucking A! Okay, I’ll tell you the secret. You see on the back of his neck, there’s like a perfectly
round bite out of an apple. It’s like putting a
football on a football tee. Super dope, huh? (classical music) While we’re playing with
dimes, here’s this plate, the dime goes right in front of it. The trick is to get
the dime onto the plate without touching anything. Hands behind you back the whole time. Lux will do the honors. – (exhales sharply) – (claps) Yeah. (classical music) I just found out Lux used
to smoke Marlboro Reds. – For the shortest amount of time. – Okay, well did you ever
know how to violently tie one in a knot without breaking it? – No, you can’t do that. – Yeah you can. Here we go. You ready for violence? Hiya! (grunts) Okay. Now. Hiya! – Violence! – Yeah, and… (grunts) (hopeful music) – Is this going to work? Whoa! That’s so cool! How the fuck did you even learn that? – Because I used to do
shit like this. (laughs) (classical music) Here I have a fork, a
spoon, and a toothpick. Toothpick goes on the
edge of the pint glass, and I have to balance both
the fork and the spoon on this side of the toothpick. It seems impossible,
but here’s how it works. (upbeat funky music) Ooh, okay. It takes a real steady
hand to get a sip out of that pint glass without
dropping this shit. (upbeat funky music) Fuck yeah, motherfucker! Whew! (classical music) On a serious note, here’s something I used to do when I really needed cash quick. I would tell somebody
“See this handkerchief, “well I’m going to put it in my hand, “pack it in there nice and tight, “and its gone!” So they’d be like, “What
the fuck? Where did it go?” and I would tell them,
“I’ll give you the secret, “but you have to pay me one
dollar to do a back flip.” This was the 90s, okay? Once they agreed, I’d tell them “Well, its this fake thumb
you get in a magic shop, “and here is the handkerchief, “and here is your back flip.” (grunts) No part of me wants to do this. (rim shot) (dog barks) Now pay up! (classical music) I probably shouldn’t include this one, but I’m going to anyway. Its a very dangerous knife, on my nose. Ow, fuck! My nose is sweaty. That’s so scary. Okay, fuck here it goes. All right. (suspenseful music) [Lux] Whew! – Hey get up close, dude, check it out. Its on there. Hiya! Hiya! Okay, okay, now getting
it off is scary, too. – [Lux And Cameraman] Whew!
– Don’t worry about it. (classical music) Haven’t done this in a long time. Its called The Tequila Stuntman. – [Lux] Oh god. – [Steve-O] I haven’t
snorted anything in fucking– – [Lux] Oh my God!
– [Steve-O] Over 11 years. Okay.
– Oh shit! – (snorts violently) (coughs loudly) (screams)
(dog barks) (coughs) (dog barks) I got a lime. – Oh shit! – (screams)
– (screams) – (screams) – So much!
– Oh my God! (dog barks) (screams) – (laughs)
– So, ladies and gentleman,
hit that like button, hit it hard! (screams) – Whew!
(dog barks) – And, what else? Comment below which was you
favorite trick? (screams) What else, I can’t think of anything. Subscribe, like, fucking (grunts) (screams) – [Lux] Number 10 is my favorite. – Okay.
– (laughs)

  1. Dropping the knife from the ceiling and balancing the fork and spoon on the toothpick both tie for 1st for me. Balancing the glass on the dime was a close second. I've seen it before but is always cool to see, and no one ever explained the placement 🙂

  2. After all these years………you’re still the man Steve-O!! Glad you’re doing well for yourself. I loved them all but number 10 was pretty rad!

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