MTG – Top 5 Best Amonkhet Modern Cards for Magic: The Gathering

Tired of those expensive Modern and Legacy mana bases? Where 90% of the cost of the deck is just lands? Well then have I got a deck for you, but it’s in Standard! And its mana base is just 22 Plains, which means it might as well cost 22 cents. Is mono white that powerful in Standard right now? Well, we already know about the overwhelming force of Gideon, Ally of Zendikar, of which we’re running a playset of in this deck, but right on curve for that four drop is of course the brand-new Gideon of the Trials! At 1 and 2 white, this Gideon hits the field running and can immediately create an emblem that says “As long as you control a Gideon planeswalker, you can’t lose the game and your opponents can’t win the game.” That’s right! Any Gideon planeswalker including Gideon, Ally of Zendikar, But, of course, also Gideon, Martial Paragon, the Gideon from the planeswalker decks that is amazingly Standard legal! We’ll run a playset of him as well, and in order to make sure that all of our Gideons resolve, we’re going to run a playset of Gideon’s Resolve, which will let us search our library and/or graveyard for: Gideon! We’ll also be running playsets of Oath of Gideon, Gideon’s Reproach, Gideon’s Intervention, not to mention Call the Gideons, and Deploy the Gideons. Giddy up, giddy in, and giddy on because this deck is “Oops! All Gideons!” *sigh* Oh my god you’ve got be kidding me… No. No. No, I’m not- Not doing this. Cancel. Stop. We’re gonna talk about Modern instead. Top 5 cards from Amonkhet that are gonna have an impact in Modern You wanna know what’s so great about Modern as a format? No Gideons at all! *TCC intro music plays* Before I get to the top 5 Amonkhet cards that are likely to see play in Modern, I wanna let you know that I’m giving away booster boxes of Amonkhet to lucky subscribers. Specifically, 2, two lucky subscribers who will each receive: a sealed booster box of Amonkhet, a sealed bundle of Amonkhet, Remember! “Bundles” are what we call “Fat Packs” now. and one of each of the Planeswalker Decks for Amonkhet. Remember! “Planeswalker Decks” are what we call “Intro Packs” now, and all you have to do to enter is be a subscriber to my channel, or to The Mana Source, if you’d like an additional entry, and click the link in the description below. Anyone in the entire world can enter. We’ll ship worldwide, and two people will win the Booster Box, Bundle, and Intro- I’m sorry. Planeswalker Packs. All right. Let’s talk Amonkhet in Modern. Let’s start with a few Honorable Mentions. These are two cards that I think may pop up in Modern, but they’re not quite there in terms of mainboard cards, or just having an impact, but I think they’re worth noting, just the same. Our first Honorable Mention is Sweltering Suns. Will Sweltering Suns see play over Anger of the Gods? That’s the real question. So the trade-off here is that, instead of exiling any creatures that die, this new card, instead, has cycling, but the creatures will hit the graveyard. So which would you like? A red sweeper that exiles or a red sweeper that can cycle? If you’re up against Dredge, you probably want the exile. If you’re durdling around late-game, that cycling is going to be welcome! Luckily, with Dredge getting nerfed recently, I think this is much more viable than the previous meta. While it may not replace Anger outright in Modern, And, from now on, when you’re looking to build decks with red, I think that this is a card that’s going to sit on our shelf of “tools”, as it were. each player is going to have to consider between Anger of the Gods and Sweltering Suns. While Anger is still likely going to be the pick, I feel there are some decks in some metas that are going to go with the Suns. And along these exact same lines is By Force, another sideboard option for those NOT in mono-red, but still splashing red. The debate I see here is whether this is better for your deck than Shattering Spree, which is, ultimately, one mana more efficient, but it requires all your mana to be red. So, with By Force, multicolored decks in red need only one red and X of any color mana, and that precious artifact destruction can be had. Is the price of By Force too high? Again, this is an honorable mention for that exact reason, but it is something to keep on the shelf for that sideboard consideration. I think that we need to get to the main list of top 5 cards that are gonna have an impact in Modern. Alright! #5 is a card that is absolutely glorious! End statement. And that card is Glorious End! Glorious End costs 2 and a red and is an instant that simply reads: “End the turn. At the beginning of your next end step, you lose the game.” Not so simple is the incredible power and complexity of being able to end the turn, which means, when Glorious End is successfully cast, you exile all spells and abilities on the stack, and the player whose turn it is discards down to his or her maximum hand size. Damage wears off, and “this turn” and “until end of turn” effects end. So how and why do we use this? The obvious combo is with Sundial of the Infinite, which allows you to end your turn before the end step. Thus, you can use Glorious End and NOT lose the game. Stifle effects can also be put to use, but that feels like a stretch. And, while this has some potential in conjunction with Hive Mind, I don’t see this as being what the deck wants. What I DO see this as is a clever way to help ensure combos going off, or, possibly, even to disrupt them from going off on the other end of the table. After all, when you’re a turn away from smashing face, ending your opponent’s turn might be worth it if they’re a step ahead. Coming in at #4 is a card that’s absolutely gonna hit the mainboard of a very specific deck. It is a white nonlegendary version of a card that already sees a lot of play. It’s white Melira, and that is Vizier of Remedies. How much Melira is too much Melira? “Vizier-a” Uh, I mean, Vizier is made for those who want a fifth, sixth, or even seventh Melira. More interestingly, Vizier combos with a card like Devoted Druid for infinite mana. Being in white also makes this a strong contender alongside Anafenza, or, of course, in Selesnya builds. And, while it may not see heavy play, I think it will indeed be seen. Well, there’s obviously a few exceptions. Control has never really solidified itself in Modern, and blue control lovers have little to look at, until now. A new card being added to Modern. You’ve heard of “the great white hope.” Well, let’s just call this “the great blue Nope!” It is…Force Spike? Wait, what? Force Spike has been an odd omission from Modern, especially considering its Planar Chaos colorshifted version has been in the format, and, more or less, harmless, but now, at last, Force Spike is printed into Modern. Only it’s not Force Spike and it costs an additional mana and it’s under the name: Censor. So how is it that I see this overcosted Force Spike as a card that may see Modern play and might even enable blue control builds of power we’ve not seen? Well, besides being in blue, the ability to cycle for only 1 blue is worth the extra mana. Games go late or your opponent just holding up too much mana? Cycle for the low cost of 1 and draw into something better. What we have here is versatility, and the format is ripe for a control deck other than Mono-Blue Tron or Grixis to make a name for itself. As always, #2 and #1, there’s gonna be a lot of argument about whether or not they should be switched in places. We’re looking at two of the best cards in the entire set. For Modern, I’ve put this one at #2. It is a black version of an incredibly powerful Modern and even Legacy card, and I think that Grixis, in particular, is going to love this. And that card, of course, is black Delver of Secrets. Uh, I mean, Bone Picker. Bone Picker is a black Bird that costs 3 mana of any color and 1 black for a 3/2 flying deathtouch. However, Bone Pickers cost 3 less to cast if a creature died this turn. So, I can spend 1 black, and then have a 3/2 flying deathtouch? That is masterfully morbid, because it doesn’t need to even be just
your creature or your opponent’s creature, but ANY creature from anywhere. If it died, you’re getting that 3/2 flying
deathtouch for only 1 black mana. Paired with Fatal Push, you could
be dropping one on turn 2, as well as any variety of other strategies. Never mind Modern. This might see Legacy play! It’ll certainly be something that is
a powerhouse in Standard, but, long term, we are going to see this
bad black bird in Modern, and I think Grixis is going to love it most. From Grixis Delver to Grixis Death’s Shadow,
black Delver is in the door. And the #1 card that’s most likely to
not only see Modern play, but shape and, perhaps, even dent
the format around it in such a way that we see a real shake-up and
a real change for how people play it. Well, it may be harsh, but I’m gonna teach you
what it is and what it does. That’s right! The #1 card for Modern from Amonkhet
is Harsh Mentor. Harsh Mentor is a Human Cleric for 1 and a red that reads: “Whenever an opponent activates an ability of an artifact, creature, or land on the battlefield, if it isn’t a mana ability, Harsh Mentor deals 2 damage to that player.” At first, this reminded me of Eidolon of the Great Revel, a particularly potent Modern card that punishes all players for casting spells at converted mana cost 3 or less, which is,
essentially, the vast majority of Modern spells. But Harsh Mentor has so much potential use,
much more so than Eidolon, which is largely relegated to Burn lists. And yes. While the first and most obvious place
to put Mentor is in those burn lists, I see it as being run either in the mainboard or sideboard of any deck with red access, because of its ability to shut down so many
key pieces of other potent decks. Of particular note is the way it punishes the
horrible, evil Lantern Control, and I think this’ll cause a headache for anyone on Death’s Shadow. Along these same lines, if Splinter Twin were ever unbanned, ha! This would also shut down
that strategy quite effectively. I hope very much this list has been
of some interest to you, but I wanna know what you think. What cards from Amonkhet do you think will have
the biggest impact in Modern, and why? Let me know in the comments below and remember! All you have to do is be a subscriber to this channel and click the link posted in the description for a free chance to win an Amonkhet Booster Box
AND an Amonkhet Bundle AND each of the Amonkhet Planeswalker Decks. And this program was made possible, thanks to a sponsorship from Card Kingdom as well as the Patreon support of viewers such as you. So thank you! *Music plays* *TCC outro music plays* [Thank you, Professor, for your awesome MTG videos!]

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  7. really? no soul scar mage? 1/2 for 1 w/ prowess in red is powerful not to mention it turning noncombat damage into wither damage. prey upon and cards that say that 2 creatures 'fight' would result in your foe's creature retaining -1/-1 counters.

  8. Shattering Spree create copies, so when you counter it, you have to counter each copy… And it can destroy a Chalice of the Void for 1, because the copies have 0 mana cost 😉

  9. Harsh Mentor is totally #1, it punishes fetching. I could see it being in a Blood Moon Control deck to further punish landbases, Gonna go get that basic forest to destroy my blood moon? pay 3 life for it. The card is incredibly powerful.

  10. I think as fortold will have a good spot in modern. its a slower ather vile but it be used for all spells

  11. I also think Harsh Mentor is really good…But hey, where's Hazoret? Jund would love it in my opinion

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  14. I'm running a one of Cast Out in my Mystical Teachings Esper list. It's been nice to fetch an O-Ring at instant speed.

  15. If Modern is 8th Edition onwards, then I got a feeling the new blue god Kefnet is an absolute powerhouse. I would try to give it haste with Hall of the Bandit Lord (or Lightning Greaves) followed up with Eater of Days (also hasted from HotBL or Greaves) I would try to deal 1 point with the new Sunscorched Desert totalling 20 by turn 4 in mono blue this is pretty dangerous. I think Sol Ring is in Masterpiece series so is that Modern legal? I think if Eater is too risky and want to slow it down then use Ancestral Vision (the Suspend 4, draw 3 cards). Speaking of Blue , I also want to try a silly brew that uses Ornithopter & Sol Ring to Surge Crush of Tentacles/(Recast Sol Ring to cast Lightning Greaves hasted 8/8 Octopus then recasts Ornithopter(s) to get around Edict effects, has Snapcaster Mage to do it again…

  16. I actually haven't even heard or seen bone picker looking through all the spoilers or drafts I've done. May not have even made it to me in draft. I'm gonna look into it more and may try to run it in my decks. Here I was thinking grim strider was the "speculated jewel" for the set. Although still think Harsh Mentor is definitely gonna see more play immediately. We'll see on Bone Picker

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  20. Harsh mentor was way overhyped. The really impactful cards for modern are the cyclers that go into living end.

  21. Multicolored decks will appreciate the colorless option of By Force, but Shattering Spree is much stronger against counterspells. One counterspell will protect all the artefacts targeted by By Force, but only one from Shattering Spree. And you can spend extra R to replicate multiple Shattering Sprees on a single artifact, which guarantees it.

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  24. I really like Bone Picker, in theory. I really wish that it was viable in modern, and I have put in so many hours testing decks with Bone Picker. My conclusion? Bone Picker just doesn't have a place in any Grixis deck. You see, the deck that most Grixis decks struggle most against is Tron. The mana efficiency and raw power really defeats the Grixis strategy. Now, imagine a Grixis deck with 2-3 copies of a card that you can't play until your opponent commits a creature to the board. This can be turn three if your opponent runs out a Matter Reshaper (Eldrazi Tron), but it can just as easily be turn 4, after your opponent puts down a Karn and gets Tron online. If Tron didn't exist, Bone Picker would be tier one, however, Tron, along with combo decks, make Bone Picker a card without much place in modern.

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