MORTEN HARKET – A Kind of Christmas Card [official music video w/ lyrics subtitles][日本語訳詞 in CC]

家族のもとに帰っていく人達には これは言わずに留めておくわ 自分の娘が 今どこにいるか 知る由もないあなた方には 世の中には あなた方が 理解できない生き方がたくさんあるの 特にこの ハリウッドのダウンタウンには 昼下がりのサンセット通り やっとの思いで時間を作ったわ そうね クリスマス・カードのようなものを書くために でも疲れて燃え尽きてしまいそう 血管が焼けつくような感じなの ママ、大好きなママ あなたが 私に注いでくれた愛情をもっても 救えるものは 残っていなさそう だってここを見てよ 私同様 汚れてしまったこの街を 何人か 裕福な人達が ルーズベルトに泊まってるけど 思い出すわ 寝しなのお祈りのこと 私のちっちゃな寝室で ねぇママ ひざまずいたわよね それが今私のしていること このロサンゼルスで 私がしていること また疲れて灰になってしまいそう 自分を恥じる気持ちを 乗り越えて生きていくの 今夜は内側から煮えている気がするわ 昔の私の姿を思い浮かべてるのね ママにも23歳だった頃があったでしょう? ママがよく弾いてた曲が 今もよみがえるの 1968年の あの情熱の夏から それも いつしか憎しみの冬に変わっていったけれど また疲れて 灰になってしまいそう 痛みを乗り越えていかなくては 今夜は血が煮えているような感じがするの 身体が 内側から燃えてる様に感じるの 情熱の夏 憎しみの冬 (日本語訳詞:せり。)[Japanese translation by White Canvas – Celice N.]

  1. Don't want to boast but when i was only a few months old i featured in this video as the baby being held for about 2 seconds at 2:24. I'm basically a celebrity.

  2. Tivemos o prazer e a honra de recebe-los aqui no estado do Pará, em um show monumental e que jamais será esquecido por nosso povo!!

  3. This song brings back great memories from the nineties. Me and my friends would sing it out loud in a basement somewhere. This one and genesis No son of mine, really great vocal challenges of the upper range of the voice. Sad ones too.. very touching stories.

  4. It's rare his voice sounds ragged like he's a bit ill. Like he sounds on probably A-ha's dodgiest ever post-1984 track-'Between Your Mama And Yourself'.

  5. Mesmo depois de tanto tempo ….essa música ainda consegue me surpreender! …. Mortein realmente é a definição do que é cantar

  6. I Think a competition where You name the best 3 songs you think no one has heard before.

    Anyone taking part must listen to them in their entirety. Then vote!
    However, if you have heard any of the songs, that is only scored a maximum of 8/10

  7. Este señor es un vampiro, está igual que hace años 😮 tiene la fórmula de la eterna juventud 👍🏻 además de ser lindo 😻

  8. Интересный факт, барабаны разносят по колонкам для стерео, а в живую на концерте они звучат, как моно !)))

  9. Eita época boa que não existia os Pablos, safadões, as simones, e riquelmes da vida, ainda bem que existe o YouTube pra despoluir meus ouvidos…

  10. Did someone tell Morton, 'hey, sing like Eddie Vedder, you'll sell really well in the US." Utterly awful from an otherwise brilliantly talented vocalist. This is when A&R dudes really screw artists.

  11. Morten que voz maravilhosa e dizem por aí que a voz dele mudou kkk continua linda e nos emociona amo demaissss

  12. Félix daqele q viveu os anos 80e90 epica d ouro d tudo oqiéra bom. saudades só saudades de um tempo q não volta nunka mas…..

  13. Pra min a melhor decaca em todos os sentidos da minha vida sem dúvida mesmo amigos músicas boas ninguém quase ouvia falar em violência drogas maravilha. saudades muitas saudades.

  14. Morten expresses such pain in his voice when he sings this song, not many artists is able to do that. This is a very sad song that goes right into my heart and I can´t help that I always cry when I hear it.

  15. Um drama tão cruel de um arquétipo social transformado em poesia musicada. Isso é arte em seu estado mais puro.

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