Moro Descends on Earth! A Secret Counter to His Magic? Dragon Ball Super Manga

Hello and welcome back all my dragon ball
theorist, I think we all had a feeling that the final battle of the Universe would end
up at Earth, it’s just we didn’t know when. After Dragon Ball Super Manga
Chapter 54 we now know that time table is set. In two months Moro and his Army of darkness
will descend upon Earth to absorb all of it’s precious energy and life. The question is how do Earth’s mightiest
heroes prepare for this ominous enemy and what part will everyone play in this epic
battle. Obviously we will have Goku and Vegeta returning
to Earth after their power ups and training to face off against
Moro. However there is also a very capable Army
at Moro’s disposal as well and we seen how troublesome they can be with the artificial
life form Seven Three being able to store up too 3 different fighters
abilities and use them. We also haven’t seen the rest of this elite
army really fight yet, or their leader Saganbo display his powers. This Saganbo had to end up as the leader of
this terrifying group because he has his own set of special abilities
and power. In the meantime as of the last chapter Jaco
bought Earth some time for our heroes to recover and prepare. We are all thankful that Earth is safe
for now, however the countdown has begun for this grave threat to return in just two months. So in this video lets explore who will help
defend Earth against Moro and his Army and just how they will prepare
for the epic battle. When we reflect on Gohan’s fight against Seven
Three I don’t think we can be too upset about the outcome. As expected Gohan is incredibly powerful in
the Manga and had Seven-Three easily defeated in terms of
battle power but Moro planned for his fighters to potentially run into a stronger enemy and
he allowed Seven-Three to store his absorption technique in case it was ever needed. A technique that is almost
impossible to counter. One that caused the strongest fighters in
the Universe Goku and Vegeta to also be absorbed and cast away easily despite their incredible
power. So I wouldn’t be too upset that Gohan
didn’t pull out the win because of these hack abilities that were used. If it wasn’t for this, then Gohan would of
ended the fight right there with his powerful Kamehameha. So I have to give credit to Moro
for being able to plan for the unexpected so far as he extends his reach and reshapes
the Universe to his liking. With that said Gohan and Earth’s fighters
won’t make the same mistake twice. Given enough time and information they will
be able to counter even the most difficult opponents. So these two months Moro has
given them, isn’t going to work out in his favor. A great example of this was the Zen Exhibition
match where Gohan fought against Lavenders poison. With time to prepare for the Tournament when
Goku was attacked by Lavender, he was able to use a
barrier making himself immune to the technique. He thought up a countermove with Gohan! Obviously the Anime is a slightly different
continuity than the Manga and the Zen Exhibition match wasn’t the same but
the ideas are interchangeable. What I mean by that is we just saw the Manga
pay tribute to the Anime where Gohan performed the exact same type of Kamehameha
against SevenThree that Goku used against Kefla. So can Gohan now come up with a plan with
all the Z fighters to find a way to prevent their powers from being stolen by Moro’s technique? An idea that was
similar to what was devised with Goku in the Anime? Yes! I think Gohan is smart enough to devise a
tactic but Goku is off training and trying to find a way currently with Merus in the
time chamber so he will have to turn to the other fighters on Earth to find
a solution to this problem. There are two months on the scoreboard and
when it comes to defending Earth that is plenty of time to come up with a plan. If Earth is to survive everyone will likely
be brought in on this one. Maybe even some Yamcha action for those fans
but I imagine we will see something similar to the tournament of power team. Which means getting the Androids involved
and with the help of everyone on Earth, they just might be able
to devise a tactic against Moro’s magic. So could involving these Androids with their
different Ki or energy that they produce be the solution to countering Moro’s magic? Which is the first idea that many of us in
the community have asked, will the Androids energy be able to even be absorbed. Is it possible that their energy will be immune
to this ability similar to how Buu wasn’t effected by it. Currently Buu with the Grand Supreme Kai awakened
was the only one to even match up to Moro because of his unorthodox fighting and being
immune to the energy draining. The problem is even if the Androids are immune
that still leaves Gohan, Piccolo, Krillin, Tien and Master Roshi just giving Moro and
his Army more energy making the situation unwinnable. Moro would
steal their energy and siphon it to his Army increasing their power. So everyone needs to be able to counter this
tactic not just the Androids or Goku and Vegeta when they return. An idea is that Android
17 who is very proficient in barriers could create one around them when Moro goes to drain
all their energy but it isn’t very practical of an approach. Also Moro has an entire tournament of power
team since there are 10 fighters in his Army. Which means the Androids and everyone will
have their hands full so I don’t think this type of barrier approach will work during
the battle. I see everyone sitting and discussing the
upcoming fight at the Kame house and how they have to prepare differently then they ever
have before because power alone won’t win this encounter. Which is where
Master Roshi comes in with his experience and strange techniques. Master Roshi might have a special method that
would prevent our heroes from having their energy absorbed. A secret technique that is
tremendously difficult to master but our heroes have 2 months and we also have the Time Chamber. I enjoy the idea that everyone should be relevant
in this Arc and it would be pretty nostalgic for Master
Roshi to be training them all for the upcoming battle. So how can Master Roshi train everyone in
the Time Chamber this secret technique? Well a common misconception is that only two
people can enter at once since there is only enough provisions set up to
accommodate two people for a year. However that isn’t the case as there have
been more than 2 people in there at once and Dende has also constantly been making improvement
to the time chamber we saw in Super changing the limit of how many times someone
can enter to train in there. So if Dende can change the rules and limits
of the Time Chamber and improve it’s structure then there is no reason to believe he
can’t make it so there is living quarters to accommodate everyone to go in there with
Master Roshi to learn a technique for an extended period of time. I also picture the entire training with Piccolo,
Gohan, Tien and Krillin in the Time Chamber with Master Roshi would be an interesting
one. Now of course I am not saying this will happen
it’s just there has to be some way that all of Earth’s heroes
are able to counter Moro’s magic or I feel that they will be worthless in this fight. Now another interesting point that I want
to bring up is where is the Supreme Kai? Anytime any evil villain starts to cause problems
in the Universe the Supreme and Elder Kai on their home-world start watching in their
crystal ball. However they haven’t even appeared yet in
this story. They absolutely have to be aware of someone
going around eating all the planets and the impending doom that Earth is facing. Especially since this was a battle that the
Grand Supreme Kai had to fight 10 million years ago. Is the Supreme and Elder Kai aware the Lord
of Lords was awakened inside of Buu. Have they been watching the destruction that
Moro is causing in the Universe and can the Elder Kai potentially offer any advice
to the heroes of Earth. Keep in mind the Elder Kai has magical abilities
from the witch he fused with and was the Supreme Kai long before that fight against Moro happened
10 million years ago. Maybe it’s
possible that the Elder Kai can offer a way to stop Moro from using his magic against
Earth’s heroes. Moro has stated that the only one who ever
stood in his way was the great Lord of Lord who stole his
abilities. Is it possible that maybe the Elder Kai who
is known for his magical abilities can also accomplish something similar. The reason why no one knows this is because
while Moro was on his destructive path millions of years ago the Elder Kai was
sealed in the Z sword. So if the Elder Kai can seal Moro’s Magic
up for even a little bit of time, that could be the chance everyone needs to defeat him
and his army. Since the Elder Kai is so old it would be
interesting if he can only contain Moro’s magic for 30 minutes and in that time he has
to be defeated. Moro is still incredibly strong and a very
capable fighter but at least this would give everyone the
chance they need. Goku and Vegeta against Moro with 30 minutes
to defeat him so he doesn’t absorb the rest of the Z fighters leaving them helpless against
his Army. One of the things I love about this Arc so
far is there are so many directions to take the story, we have so many unknowns besides
Moro like why is the Angel Merus is in Universe 7. Now I want to hear from you who do you think
will be standing up against the 10 fighters in Moro’s army? In the two months of preparation for this
battle what plan will be put in place that will prevent
Moro from using his magic on everyone on Earth? Will it be the Androids since they have a
different type of energy, Mastery Roshi with a special technique or perhaps the Elder Kai
with his magical abilities? Or something else that we haven’t yet discussed? I hope everyone that was celebrating the holidays
yesterday was able to relax and enjoy it and also everyone else around the world that is
watching. I know in different countries we all have
holidays we celebrate so don’t forget to take time off
when you can to have fun and enjoy life, since that is the reason we are alive. Now I always love to hear your thoughts and
theories in the comments below. If you
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  1. Happy Black Friday! Hope everyone has had a great week and today wanted to go over just how everyone on Earth is going to prepare for the upcoming battle in 2 months against Moro and his army. Do you think that they will have to come up with a secret counter to Moro's energy absorption? Will the Androids, Master Roshi or the Elder Kai become a factor? Let me know how they will plan for this upcoming battle to counter Moro and I will see you in the next video 🙂

  2. I'm calling it rn Vegito is the one who'll beat Moro as Vegito himself is made from magic of the gods and was immune to Buus magic candy turning attack. I'd be refreshing to see Vegito go back to being relevant again.

  3. Your theories are literally the best in the fandom. Soo many of your theories have come true and the way you present them is very interesting

  4. Another great video so hyped up. Can’t wait to how they adjust to Moro & Murus secret which I believe ur prediction is accurate on it so if u r, I hope youtubers give u the credit u earned but 1 thing for sure. US, ur fans know 💯

  5. all of earths powerful warriors? then were is UUB? UUB is very powerful so powerful that the supreme kai had to splash holy water to snap him back. Since this is a dire situation, its easier for buu to fight all the villain and then the supreme kai splash water again. ? and i cant see any reason why buu or UUB cant obsorb moro if buu was able to obsord Grand Supreme Kai as Kid Buu

  6. Moro has to be the most over-confident villain we've ever seen. He's saying "Yeah, give them 2 months to train so there's more to absorb". I just don't think it's going to be good for Moro in the end.

  7. I love this Moro Arc Manga because it's not about power, it's about the techniques/abilities. Roshi can use the Evil Containment Wave on Moro.

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