hey I’m John mangas but what’s really
important is I’m at the Ohio Realtors convention with this fine lady Katie
Lance I think most of you probably know Katie Lance but if you’ve been following
my Monday mojos these last few weeks you know we’ve been talking a lot about
video and video hacks and why you need to be doing video and making it part of
your business planning and business model right so Katie I want you to do
like opposite ends of the spectrum here okay so like a couple tips for how to
get started and then on the opposite end of the spectrum a couple tips for people
who have gotten started but want to like take it up a level yeah and like maybe
refine it a little more and and just really like take it to that next level
go all right and by the way she’s not prompted though right so but this is
what she does all right okay good so if you’re just starting out if you’re a
little bit nervous getting on camera the best thing I can say is just do it right
the the more you get on camera the more you do it there’s no shortcut around
that it’s just like when you first became a realtor and you lit them with
other classes but then you actually had to work with clients it’s sort of that
same thing so take your phone out we all have these
great devices starts there you can always delete it right but just just get
started there’s also some really simple apps like video shop and video grandma
or two simple apps if you want to do just a little bit of editing you don’t
wanna deal with it a whole lot that I recommend and then for someone who
is maybe a little more advance really already doing some video one big
thing that I’d recommend is creating episodic content wow that’s a big word I
know right okay episodic content it’s a lot like when you watch your favorite TV
show or you start watching your show and you realize oh I am already on season two
what do you do you go back to season one so if you’re already creating video I
would highly recommend pick a day every week or maybe every month that you’re
gonna publish like Monday mojo exactly right exactly she’s knew for years right
follow the expert here start doing that that will actually help you get more
watch time you’ll get more viewers and that’s a small thing that makes a big
difference I would also tighten up your content to
have a beginning middle and end tell them what you’re gonna tell them tell
them wrap it up have a call to action and
fantastic you can find Katie everywhere just Google Katie Lance her videos are
awesome follow her make her part of your business plan you’ll thank me later make
it a good week

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