Monday Mojo 2.4.2019

Hey I am John Mangas back here with Monday
Mojo thanks for being here today. So it is February 2019 it is cold outside
and I am asking you a really interesting real estate questions are you a real estate ninja? What I mean by that is when a lead comes in
do you like launch into like motion or do you step back and do you think more creatively
more strategically with what you are going to do with that lead. I am not sure there is a right or wrong answer
but I want to give you some food for thought see I think the real estate ninja just lunges
and just reacts and I think with online leads sometimes if we want to be that first person
that gets back in contact with the person that is reaching out to us we need to be the
ninja but if that is not who you are if that is not how you are built its ok you dont have
to become a real estate ninja if you are not one because we are all built differently if
you are not a real estate ninja then you need to be something else that means you need to
be the planner the organizer the person that has a strategic plan that they execute on
and follow and track and do the things they need to do with consistency to keep the momentum moving
in your business because I think so many of us live from transaction to transaction or
at least at one point in my career I did and when you are a real estate ninja you are doing
exactly that what I am asking you to do is think about maybe employing some real estate
ninja along with a master business plan that actually takes you in a very deliberate systematic
approach that deals with leads as they come in of all types that creates a system where
you are able to follow up and track create an ROI really ROI think about it but actually
tracks those leads tracks conversions and tracks the money that you are spending so
you know where your at at the end of Q1 Give it some thought and make it a great week.

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