Mojo ! S01E05 – Relations à Distance

“Long Distance Relationships” Hello Girl, I have to tell you something…. What ? I am officially in a relationship !!! No Way !!!!!!!! Me too !! No Wayyyyyy !!!! I sweeeeaar !! Oh my, oh my…it’s crazy Yes but there is a problem…. What ? Well, he lives at the other side of the planet You gotta be kidding be !!! Yes I am… Me too !!! No wayy !!! Oh la la la la Haaan, Connected Max !!! I swear !!! Oh la la, so crazy !!! Hmm, oh, shit I have a bogey there !! Come on !!! Yeah, it’s ok it’s ok Hello my love !!! How are you ? Hello Hello Girl ! – Hi !
Party tonight, you’re coming ? Oh no, forget it, impossible, tonight I have a rendez-vous with Hubert ! Yes, and yesterday, couldn’t get through him, he was on WhatsApp, I saw him online, don’t know what happened, and suddenly he got disconnected, I was wondering if….. Come on, everybody will be there tonight, it will be crazy !!!! No no no, I tell you, I can’t, and he really wants to see me, no way, he will probably be pissed off at me Oh well, ok, ciao ! Yes, ciao ! Kisses Perfect Let’s go then Pff, It’s not good… “Hello !” “Hi !!:)” “I’m sorry but I can’t call you today” “:( Ok” “Gotta go. Bye” It’s him !!!!! Hello my love !! Are you….What ? Huh ? Wait, I can’t hear you…..can’t hear you my kitty…can you hear me ?? My love…….honey, can you hear me because I can not hear you my love… Honey, honey….you….wait…i’ll call you back, I’ll call you back because there’s not enough network…. Ok, call you back Gonna go to the balcony, might be more network…. Oh God, it’s freezing !!! My sweetheart, can you hear me ?? My darling ! Hello ?? Hello? AAAhhhAHAHHHAH My love, my love, can you hear me ? Oh no, it’s freezed !!! Oh my god, what is this face !?! Oh no no no !!!! My love !!! Oh no, he has disconnected Pfffff, oh noooooo Pfff, I am gutted !! Now I won’t talk to him until tomorrow Cécile, you could have told me that there was no network at your place… And please look at that, look at my face Zen Fanny Zen….. You know that he’s not with you because of your beauty…. You know that….. So, zen…’s useless. It’s useless to get excited….. Did you see how she is with her guy ? Hysterical It’s a lack of confidence… You don’t get mad like that, she is crazy ! Yes, it will never work…. Hey wait, he sent me a music…. Really ? play it, play it Of course, wait…. Such a romantic guy !! Sounds nice !! Good vibes ! “I need your love, I need your love, I need your….” Wait, what is he saying ?!? “I need your love, I need your love” MOJO MAX !!!!!! The guy is so in love !!! Found of you for sure !!! Oh la la la la !!!! I going to reply !! “I love it !!! Me too I need your love !! :-*” “:)” Wait, look at that…. What ? The guy replies with a smiley… yes, and ? well, he sends me “I need your love”, so me, I say I reply ” me too I need your love”, I put some smileys with shearts, you know, hearts that fly kisses yes…. And he replies a smiley….like standard smiley… Well he’s in a hurry… But, you don’t answer that Fanny !! You don’t answer a simple smiley when someone sends you hearts !! Especially after sending me a song called “I need your love” Rightly, he just sent you “I need your love” Nooo…you…what would you answer ??? If your boyfriend send you this, what would you answered ?!? But there is nothing here… FANNY !!!! LOOK !!!! Shit, and now he has to go !!! No but the guy has mistaken with another window, that’s all I see Maybe he know on Facebook, maybe he did a drag and drop in the wrong window, he dropped it in another one after, I say “me too I need your love” but it was not for me So the guy replies with a smiley because he doesn’t know what to do And now he says “I have to go” because he doesn’t know what to say anymore !! No, calm down BUT I FEEL THIS KIND OF THINGS!!!!! I FEEL IT!!!!! Seriously, calm down I can’t breathe anymore….. It’s obvious !! Go get me a glass of water, go get me a glass of water…..I….I…I feel The guy, I…I put some smileys, last time I put 2 smileys With some hearts, like this, there were 2 hearts The…the guy, he was connected, he replies with a smiley…. A SIMPLE smiley !!!!!! YOU DON’T DO THAT !!!!! How come I didn’t get any messages ?! That’s weird !! I’m going to call myself, might be a network problem… yes, there must be a problem….. See, it doesn”t work…..that’s it Oh no, its works It’s weird…. Don’t understand…. Wait…Still no message….?!? The guy must be in the plane, can’t be anything else He’s trying to surprise me actually Let me set the alarm, just in case.. Oh la la, when I think about it…we love each other so much Of course…When do you see each other again ? I don’t know…..and you ? We enjoy the present Yes, same Oh it’s Lucy…. “Be ready for next week-end in Ouarzazate. Do not forget the swimming suits for the pool party !” Ouarzazate ?! Where is that ?! Is there network at least ? Personally, I did not sleep all week, I am exhausted Yes, same here Let me tell you, I will not ruin my relationship for some network stories…. Ahah, no way !


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