Saying goodbye to the siren in the distance My reflection flickering the longer I look All eyes on me as I cleanse The two of us concealing ourselves in perfume and jewelry Bartering it all along the way Getting lost while climbing into the maze of adulthood The countdown is beginning In the district of a restless night All the girls in the movies murmuring “I couldn’t care,” While clinging on and not letting go The voice lost in a distant memory I’d reach out and forcibly push Appearing as distorted as ever Chasing after that which makes no sense Even if I know that’ll never change Do you already have that which you desire? I’m sure, that has to be it I want to know how it really tastes I want to know how it really feels 6… 5… 4… I want to taste, just a little I can’t see… The exit… From Gaien Higashi Dori Peeking through to the illumination The disdain of its honesty Hoping to find someone to blame Take me far away, where I can’t return 3… 2… 1… 3… 2… 1… Even if this is the end… In the burning stardust Let’s get lost in the magic Shall we get drunk off a cocktail? Probably… Probably… (Can’t stop fall in love…) It’s when our fingertips touch That sparks begin to fly A kiss to seal the deal Almost as if it vanished… (Can’t stop fall in love…)

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