1. Just when I thought your videos couldn’t get any better, you post this ! Also what’s your camera and lens! Will you reply to this message 🤔😊

  2. Been listening to it on Audible… thank GOD – a relevant magic book on audio. Awesome so far… glad that Ian is the voice as well.

  3. Awesome video! Those performances were all insane! Spade saying "are YOU sure?" cracked me up 😂 #WWSD

    I love your videography as well! So talented. Also, please never stop saying "peace, RAHH" because I love it 😂

  4. You and all your 52 people are an inspiration to me, Chris. And Ian, your book is top notch, and has ignited a passion in me! Thank you

  5. Didn’t see this video on my feed! But I’m glad I found it and watched it- love the strand and seeing different magicians perform!

  6. Can you please for godss sake teach us how you do that effect!! It's too fair! – the one you performed lol

  7. What’s the name of that instrumental when he was showing all the books that beat was too smooth and beautiful

  8. Certainly , one for the text books on how to open and edit the beginning of a video.
    Very nice work

  9. Cool video of your outside world.
    But what's up with the shaky camerawork? If only there were some kind of technology that could aid with that 😉

  10. So sorry I missed that NY appearance… would only all if in the future you could make a vlog announcement,,I saw all the puzzles never heard an annoncement…:(

  11. Question. How much does it take to learn that fishhook trick? Can I find it? I’d love to have this for my routine?

  12. I appreciate this channel so much! Chris your content is absolutely inspiring and eye opening! Don’t stop!

  13. When you come to Cincinnati Ohio at any point you have a place to crash. im only 10 min from downtown. I have draft beer on tap hit me up love the videos keep up the great work.

  14. I can't be the only one who thinks Ian looks identical to Timothy Olyphant…I'll give you a second to google Timothy Olyphant before you check out 0:58

  15. So for the first trick you just give him a deck of all the same cards and just put a card in your waistline by your back in your pocket

  16. Super cool video. I think it is getting less views because people like me can mindlessly watch you solve a puzzle without investing any mental energy and can have it as background while we work, but this is so gripping, it pulls you in and requires attention. Love the magic and am so jealous of the people who got to witness that lineup in that setting. Thanks for sharing Chris!

  17. Just saw you on stay tuned Chris I remember when I watched a video by you about 4 years ago I was so taken away by your performance I’m happy your channel is up and alive and your still doing great 👍🏽

  18. Just wanted to say after years of staring at a deck of cards I'm finally motivated to start learning some tricks. Thanks for all the great content man!

  19. Can you please make us learn a rela crad trick like the one that you performed in this video , ofc if you can and you want

  20. Awesome video ! That outro song tho, oufff… anyone know the name of that one ?
    (Clicked the link in the description, but its a service for getting access to use the songs)

  21. Digital ruined me. Too lazy to read, i got the audiobook. Definitely happy i bought. I listen at work. Not often i climb in my car still listening, go home and lay on couch just into it … +1 for the audiobook

  22. sure, heckle him right at the beginning :'D ("We'll bring down that mic a little bit")… Also… One-Way Force + stooge ?

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