Mississippi Stud: How to Play and win with Gambling Expert Michael “Wizard of Odds” Shackleford

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Michael Shackleford who is also known as The Wizard of odds and the author of gambling 102 explains
all about mississippi Stud he tells you how the game is played the
various bets you can make the casino advantage on those bets and
the best strategy for playing the game and now here’s michael Shackleford let’s
talk about mississippi Stud this is another popular poker base game
unlike some other games that talked about this is a game where the player wins based only on his
own cards there’s no dealer hand the game starts out where the player
makes an ante wager the deal is going to give
the player two cards and three community cards face
down when after the player sees as a first
two cards he may either make a raise bet a pic one to three times as
anti that or he may fall after this decision has
been made the deal was gonna turn over the first three community cards again the player can either raise one to
three times as ante that or you can fold than that it was gonna
turn over the second community card yet again the player can raise one to three times and he that or
he may fall finally the deal is going to turn over
the fifth community card and pay the player according to the
poker value of his hand according to a post up a table on the
table that’s all there is to it there’s some no side bets to the game and the
strategy is not too complicated next let’s talk
about the strategy from mississippi Stud there is a different strategy for all
three decision points and I’m only gonna talk about the first
decision point because the second to our little bit too long and technical to
explain in this video after the player sees his first two
cards and before any community cards are turned over the player should make the big raise
three times and tibet with any pair the player should make the
small raise equal to his auntie wager if the player
has any hi karte very high card is defined
as a jacker higher the player should make the small raise want equal to his auntie bet if the
player has to medium cards median card being defined as a six
through eight ten the player should finally make the small
raise people to use anti that if he has a 65
suited if the player doesn’t have any of those
things then he should fall the good thing about mississippi Stud is the player has three chances to raise with good cards the bad thing about it
is the player is forced to making a razor for decision there’s
no checking so sometimes if the player has a bad
hand but not a terrible and he’s mathematically speaking he’s
making bad race bets because it’s at least better than folding so oftentimes the player gets kinda
sucked into the game with mediocre hands and then ends up losing the experience
in this game is you have a lot a las is that are
offset by the occasional big win mathematically speaking assuming optimal strategy the house and
manage in mississippi Stud is 4.91 percent the original anti wager that means that for every dollar the
player bets on the anti he can expect to lose 4.91 cents for the strategy for the second and third
decision points I highly recommend my website with a
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  1. Thanks for sharing guys. I love Mississippi stud but it can get VERY expensive even at a. $5 minimum. However, much like let it ride, if you have a winning hand inside, you can get a nice chunk of money back.

  2. Love this game, got 2 straights, and 1 full house playing this at Firekeepers casino. Started at $110, left the table $605 🙂

  3. The one point that needs edited here is that most casinos DO offer side bets with this game. Considering this video was created in 2013, he should've mentioned this. I don't know when this game was created but I started playing it in 2010 and side bets were offered shortly thereafter. Regardless, this game is fun but beware: you have to be patient. It is very common to lose several hands in a row before catching a winning hand. I recommend starting at the $5 table if it's offered. Also, do not play by gut or you will end up "chasing" cards and losing quickly. Good luck!

  4. Answer this… So you can bet 1 TO 3 TIMES the bet.. so if you're ante is $10 on a $5-$25 table limit you can bet 10, 15,20,25,30$? or is the correct amount 10-20-30$?

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