Mind tricks you can do on your friends. First one. Nodding your head while asking a question makes the other person likely to agree with you. So if you ask a question, “Hey, can you please subscribe to the channel?” “Yea sounds good.” they’re going to be like – “Can I subscribe? … Yea, I think I can subscribe.” Mind tricks to do on your… friends. * Dun Dun Dun * If you want someone to believe your lie, (Why are you telling us, Tal?) just add an embarrassing detail about yourself. “Hey Brock. You know I can bench like, 300 pounds? Oh, and one time I ate a sandwich while taking a sh*t.” Is that- is that good? Is that what you’re supposed to do? I think – I think it has to be relevant to what you’re talkin’ about. Like let’s say you and your other friend: they’re fighting. (Sound effect) Now they don’t like each other. So you’re seeing this friend right now, n’ he’s like, “Hey, have to talked to this guy recently?” And you’re going to be like… Oh sh*t he’s not supposed to know. So you say, “No I haven’t been to his house recently”. “Last time I been to his house, I broke his plate.” (Shatter effect) Even though it’s a lie and you added like a fake detail If you add details, it just seems realistic (Why are you telling us this?) Not just like benching 300 lbs eating and sandwich and taking a sh*t You know… that’s not gonna be believable at all (No, it’s not, Tal) I mean it is believable for you guys You guys know I can bench 300 lbs right? And sometimes I fart while I’m benching 300 lbs It just kinda slips out because I’m trying so hard ( Ew lol ) Well you guys think I can bench 300 lbs and you guys know I fart when I bench. this one is very cool it’s actually a mind trick, you can do this when you lost something if you lost something, let’s say you lost your keys, don’t look for something going left to right Don’t do this when you’re searching instead do this right to left apparently because you’re not used to looking for things right to left you’re actually going to be more likely to notice things that you didn’t notice when you look left to right am I helping your life situation? Mind tricks on your friends that will blow their mind If you want someone to believe a fake story like lets say you were telling a fake story to your friend “BRO, I HOOKED UP WITH 3 GIRLS IN ONE DAY.” and it obviously the tone of voice he’s going to be like “Why’re you screaming?” “I HOOKED UP WITH 3 GIRLS IN ONE DAY!” can you stop screaming- you’re hurting my ears WHY YOU SCREAMING? I DON’T KNOW WHY ARE YOU SCREAMING? AHH! all you have to do is repeat it 3 times and it makes it that much more believable but each time you have to add a small detail I HOOKED UP WITH 3 GIRLS IN ONE DAY no you didn’t I HOOKED UP WITH 3 GIRLS IN ONE DAY and one of them was actually named jennifer you know jennifer No you didn’t I HOOKED UP WITH 3 GIRLS IN ONE DAY and it was jennifer and those two twins Wait did you? Yes Like I said this is mind tricks they will blow your mindddddd Mind tricks you can do on your friends alright? And they work, for the most part if you are good at it Next time you see your friend, be like: what is the word spelled S H O P go He’s going to be like shop if you say what do you do when you come to a green light? he’s going to be like uhh stop Ha, no you don’t LOSER ok this one is hilarious this one is very good, this one just to mess up with your friend let’s say you have friends okay did I just say “Let’s say you have friends.”? (sad music in the background) well lets say I have friends cause you know Let’s say you have friends and uh you wanna mess with their MINDDD If one of them is counting something like 1,2,3,4,5,6, while they are counting say random numbers you’re going to mess up their counting and they are going to hate you so much but it is going to be the funniest thing youve ever done in your life 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, *7* Bro, shut up! 9,10,11,12,13,14, *17* J-Just shut up 9,10,11,12,13, * 130 sore (?) sore 4 * ok this ones not funny, its more like a trick in general, it’s not just a mind trick. If you want your friend to hold something, lets say you just bought like… a bunch of stuff at the grocery store. you have a bag… with you and you guys are walking, right? if you want him to hold the bag without him noticing, all you gotta do is just keep walking’ and talking be like, “Hey, remember Jennifer?” … I – I told you last night I hooked up with her right? … and those twins.” and then while you’re talking, you hand the bag. “Remember Jennifer and those twins? Bro the twins are good.” “The twins are amazing. And, uh, thanks for holding that.” “Peace out bro… Peace out.” I just made you hold that! these actually work you need to try these on your friends! try these… mind tricks on your friends! you’re gonna get in their brain. you’re gonna get in their brain.. they’re gunna… explode! (Explosion) everyone knows the ol’ classic… yeah so what’s one plus one, two plus two? do you guys remember this one? if you don’t, this is a great one to do on your friends. you ask em’ what is one plus one? they answer two. what is two plus two? they answer four. what is four plus four? they answer eight and then you say… what is eight plus eight? they say sixteen- now, you quickly say name of vegetable (?) what’re you guys thinking about? x2 is it carrot? * three dings in background * did you say carrot? * faintly bugs bunny ‘what’s up doc?’ in background* it’s either you’re gunna come up with carrot or broccoli. that’s one of the two options you’re gunna come up- it’s an automatic mind trick that you can do on your friends. mm- mind tricks! blow your friends brain out of their cells (?) and their skulls! alright guys, now we’re on to the one before the last one. this is a cool mind trick that you can actually do on yourself- this has nothing to do with your friends, but- you can tell your friends about it if they want your help. cuz’ you’re gunna be the mind trick god from now on. you’re gunna be the mind trick master dojo ya’ know what I’m saying? if you have a song stuck in your head, all you literally have to do to get rid of that song replaying in your head all of the time is just listen to the ending of the song, or just think about the ending of the song. the reason it’s stuck in your head is because your brain can’t tell what the ending is. your brain is uh… very strange in a way this is obsessed with things that don’t have an ending. it always wants to find solutions and answers I want you to think of the ending the song will stop replaying in your head. and that’ll be the end of that. ha, got em’. AND FINALLY, THE HOLY GRAIL OF ALL MIND TRICKS TO DO ON YOUR FRIENDS. this is the one mind trick, it’s gunna be amazing. check this out. if you and your friends are- eating. your friend has a nice sandwich, okay? let’s pretend they have a nice sandwich. mm. delicious. “hey. i know a mind trick that’ll actually blow your mind.” “wow, ok, please tell me.” tell them to close their eyes… and picture a playing card. “okay, mmm-” and while they do that, y’know they’re either gunna have the food in their hand, or the food on the plate. you guys know where this is going. so when they picture a playing card, the second they picture it, i need you guys to eat as much food as humanly possible out of their plate. “uhh, it’s the diamond er, uh, red?” “five- diamonds… yes, red.” oh-ohoh! thats not gunna run ( ? unintelligible ) so, basically you get free food out of a mind trick that’s not even a real mind trick, n’… there you have it, guys! that was mind tricks you can do on your friends. this was reaction time, thank you so much for watching. go check out the original article if you wanna see some more mind tricks you can pull on your friends. it’s gunna be the first link down below. this was actually very interesting to me maybe it was interesting to you too! i would suggest you do this on your friends if you have any. * chuckles * and with that being said, make sure you go click under the video click that circle to subscribe. thank you for watching, I’ll see you guys very soon with some more episodes of reaction time. have a great one… good luck wit’ the mind tricks and uh, peace out! follow aoifemxgann insta shes a whore.

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