hii guys I’m back with another video. as u know I posted my video first video days back. hope u all liked it and subscribe for more. today I’m doing as usual a set of cards with another card trick all are different as u can see I have not set anything …(random cards). what I’m going to do is ask spectator to pull out a card from the middle anywhere he like.lets say this card seven of spades and ask him to put it right here what I’m going to do is ask him to make three different piles maybe equal like this….now what I’m going to do is ask him to keep his card on top of any of the pile he likes.lets say he puts it on top of this pile his job is done now my job is to find out his card you remember the card it was seven of spades right. give them a nice little shuffle now the card is lost somewhere NOW I’m going to do is make random set of
cards might be a little bored alright alright some cards here and some cards here! alright now I’m going to arrange them in piles there’s no possible way that I could
know where the card is suppose the card is two of diamonds it will be like…T.W.O O.F D.I.A.M.O.N.D.S and the next card in this case it was not the two of diamonds…lets say was it the queen…Q.U.E.E.N NO NOT QUEEN alright what was the card it was seven of spades right S.E.V.E.N OFSPADES right S.E. V.E. N O F S P.A.D.E.S u see (the next card )is seven of spades HOPE U GUYS LIKED IT ..SUBSCRIBE AND GIVE IT A LIKE BELOW..THANK YOU

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