MightyNinety – 90 Secs Of Facts You Didn’t Know About Annabelle

Hey everyone! Welcome to another episode by MightyNinety. Here are some things you did not know about Annabelle. Paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren have a special case built for Annabelle in their Occult Museum where she still is kept today. While the movie portrays Anabelle as a porcelain doll, she is in real life a large “Raggedy Ann” doll. Annabelle was owned by a nursing student named Donna in real life. The doll was a gift from her mother on her 28th birthday and was purchased at a second hand Raggedy Ann store. After a few days of having the doll Donna’s roommate Angie started noticing strange things. Donna and Angie would find notes written with a pencil on parchment paper throughout their apartment. The Warrens claim that the doll would write “Help Us” in the handwriting of a small child. A psychic mentioned that a young girl called Anabelle Higgins who had been killed in the apartment, had taken residence in the doll. The Warrens, who were replaced by a priest in the film, found that the doll was being manipulated by an inhuman spirit and not the spirit of Anabelle Higgins When the Warrens shared the story to a priest he dismissed Annabelle as just a doll. He later called to tell Lorraine that he had nearly died in an accident when the brakes on his car had failed. A visitor to the Occult museum had broken the rules by opening Annabelle’s box, touching the doll and challenging her to “do her worst”. The man allegedly died in a motorcycle accident later on the very same day. His girlfriend who survived, had to spend nearly a year in the hospital to recover. Donna’s and Angie’s friend Lou had once entered the room where Anabelle was kept after hearing noises. As he got closer to the doll he felt something behind him and turned around. He then described being attacked, grabbing his chest and falling over. He later discovered seven distinct burn-like claw marks, three vertical and four horizontal, on his chest. Thanks for watching, see you again in the next video.

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