Metallic Circle Shaker Card & Envelope – Make a Card Monday #290

– [Kristina] Hi everyone, Kristina here, welcome to another Make
a Card Monday video. Today I’m going to be using the Thankful Flowers stamp set from Simon. This came out in the
October 2019 card kit, but you can purchase it separately. It came out in the middle of STAMPtember and I didn’t have a chance to use it, so I thought I would break it out today and create a circle shaker card. Starting out with some
card stock from Lawn Fawn, this is their Ground Coffee color. It’s a nice deep brown. And I’m going to do quite
a bit of die cutting. I’m starting out with the large Stitched Circle
Stackables die set from Lawn Fawn, and I wanna make sure it’s the right size for this greeting in the stamp set. Looks absolutely perfect, so I’m gonna be using the
largest of these circle dies, and I’m also going to be pairing them with the nested circle dies from Simon. This set of circle dies has
a lot of different sizes, and I’m going to be using I
think three different sizes for this particular circle card, and I just wanna make
sure that there’s one that’s gonna give me a nice, big frame around
that Lawn Fawn die. So I think this is actually five inches, and it’s gonna be perfect
going around that frame die. So I’m gonna take that largest circle die that I just kind of determined, and I’m going to take the brown card stock and fold it in half. This is going to be my card base. And I’m going to take that circle die and have it just hang off
the fold just a tiny bit so that when I run it through
my die cutting machine, it will not cut that fold area. So I ran it through my
Gemini Junior machine. It didn’t go through all the way, ’cause it was two layers of card stock, but it was super close, so I just used some scissors to finish it. And now I have a circle card base with just a little tiny fold on one end. So now I have cut another circle, this one’s just slightly
smaller, and bound the card base. That’s the circle that the design is actually going to be on. And then I put the largest
circle die from Simon and the Lawn Fawn frame circle die, and I positioned them
on the brown card stock and used a bit of washi
tape to hold them in place. This is going to cut all
of those at the same time, and give me all the pieces that I need for the very front of
my shaker card element. So I cut that out, and now I have two pieces
that I’m going to be using. I have this thin frame that
has some stitching on it, and then I also have a
slightly wider frame. So, in order to put these two together, I’m actually going to put some
acetate on the back of it. So I’m gonna use this other circle die that’s the perfect size
in between those two, and I’m going to be using
some heat resistant acetate from Hot Off the Press. This acetate works great for die cutting as well as if you want to
heat emboss on top of it, so that’s why I’m using
this particular one. Ran that through my Gemini Junior machine, and now I have that acetate circle that I’ll be working with a
little bit later in the video. So here are all the
pieces that I’ve cut out. I have my card base, and then I have the slightly
smaller card stock piece that I’m going to stamp and emboss, which is the same size as the acetate, and then I have my two circle frames. And those are all the pieces I’ll need. So, then I took that background piece, which is just smaller than the card size, and I started stamping the floral elements from the stamp set all over it. I did prep the circle with
some anti-static powder tool since I will be heat embossing. And then I inked up that
stamp with a VersaMark ink. VersaMark’s a nice, sticky ink. It is my preferred ink for heat embossing. So, the heat embossing powder that I’m going to be
using today is from Wow. I’m using their Metallic
Copper embossing powder. This color is so beautiful
on dark colors of card stock. I think I’ve used it on
navy card stock in the past, and I thought this brown would give it a nice, rich color combination. So I liberally put all that powder on, tapped off the excess, and then I used my heat tool and really kept the heat tool moving, going from front to back. I don’t wanna warp this circle too much, since I still have some
more stamping to do on it. And I just went back and forth until all of that embossing powder
was smooth and melted. And I’m going to do the stamping
and embossing in stages, so I did that one, and then I went back
and stamped some more, and eventually used the
two individual flowers from the stamp set to fill in the gaps. So just sprinkled on some
more of that embossing powder, and then heat set that until
it was smooth and melted. So, I have more embossing to do. In fact, I have a couple
more things to do. One of them is my acetate circle. So I’m going to place that in my Misti stamp positioning tool, and then I’m going to kind of
coat it very liberally with, it’s an anti-static powder tool. I’m gonna use that powder
tool right before I stamp, so that it’s going to cut
down on any of that powder sticking to everywhere
all over this acetate. If you’ve ever heat embossed
over acetate you know that it can really cling
onto all that powder. So you wanna do everything you can to prevent the powder from sticking. You wanna use an anti-static powder tool, you could also spray it
with a little bit of water and gently wipe it dry, I did that as well on this acetate circle, and for the most part, it did fairly well. It looks like a mess right now, but once you start tapping
it off from the back, it really cleans up, and then there’s just a little
bit of powder hanging around. And any powder that’s away from
the area where you embossed, you can wipe away with a dry brush. So I used my heat tool
just to heat set that, and it does melt rather quickly. So, another bit of heat embossing that I’m going to have to do is that circle frame
that’s going to go over the shaker area. So I’m going to take that frame, and I’m just going to kinda
smush my VersaMark pad on top of the front of this frame. It’s going to coat the entire frame, so that I can then sprinkle on that Metallic Copper embossing powder from Wow. Gonna sprinkle this on, make sure I have it completely coated, and then I’ll be hitting
it with my heat tool and making sure it’s smoothly melted. Now when I did this, I realized
that it wasn’t as smooth and kind of faux-metal looking as I’d hoped, so I decided to do two
layers of embossing powder. So after I had the first layer melted, I let it cool down for just a
minute, or maybe 30 seconds, and then came in and smushed
that ink pad down on it again. So I sprinkled on a second
layer of embossing powder, and then melted that. So, now I have my frame, I’m going to glue it to the
front of my acetate piece using some Gina K Connect Glue. Using liquid glue for this is great on top of
acetate or slick surfaces, and it’s also a great
idea because it gives you a little bit of wiggling before it dries, so if you don’t have
it on there perfectly, you can wiggle it around
just a little bit. Then put that liquid adhesive
on the outside of that frame, and then pressed the brown
frame right over top, kinda puzzle piecing
these pieces together. So that is the front of my
card, the very top of my shaker, and now I’m going to
put the foam barrier in for my shaker area. I’ve taken some foam
tape and folded it over so that it’s two layers deep. This is actually some leftover
foam from a different project and I’ve just saved it. And I removed the release paper from the front and back of the foam tape, and that lets it be manipulated and bend and shape around the circle area. This is the easiest way to
create a circle shaker card. I highly recommend you try
it if you haven’t before. So I’ll just cut this down
so it’s just the right size to close up that gap, and then I’m going to start placing in some different sequins and beads. Now I don’t entirely know where all of these sequins are from, so I’ll try to link to some similar colors down the supply section
that you can pick up. Basically I have like a champagne color, kind of like a brownish
color, some copper, and then these brown beads. I do know that these beads
are from Simon Says Stamp, so I’ll link those for sure. Then took that stamped
and embossed backer sheet, or that backer area, and
pressed that down right over that foam barrier that I created. Pressing down with my fingers
to make sure everything is adhered extremely well, and then I’ll flip that
over, and you can see all of this sparkle from
within that shaker area. I think it looks really, really neat, and I love the detail of the flowers, but then also the sequins. The last thing to do is to adhere this to the actual card base, so I used some Tombow Xtreme Adhesive, and then opened up that card base so I could see exactly where it was, and then pressed that down onto the front. So this is the finished card, and it’s a finished size
of about five inches, so I’m going to create a
mail art envelope that is a little bit larger than this. I’m actually going to use a pre-made envelope from Paper Source. This is a 5.75 square inch envelope, and this is the Paperback color. Gonna do some pearlescent colors on the bottom of this envelope. I was really inspired by that copper metallic color on the card, and this kind of rosy shade
sort of matches it a little bit, and I thought it’d look
really, really neat. Now, this envelope is
not watercolor paper, and generally I do not recommend
using wet watercolor paints on top of a paper that is
not meant for watercolor, but since this envelope is pre-made, I don’t have much of a choice here. So when I’m painting these colors on, I wanna make sure that
they’re fairly thick and they’re not too watery. This is going to help the envelope from pilling and kind of warping too much, and I found that it worked
really, really well. I didn’t have any problems
painting across this envelope, it held up to all that
moisture extremely well. So I went back and forth between that kind of rose
gold shade, and orange, and then more of a red color, and it did intensify the
colors a little bit coming in from the left side. When everything was
done, all the painting, I hit that with my heat tool, and I actually took two pieces of 5 1/2 by 5 1/2 inch card stock and put it inside the envelope to help keep its shape
while I was drying it, and that really seemed to
help prevent any warping. So now I’m gonna work on
the address of the envelope. I’m gonna be painting
in some white gouache, and I just put a little bit of gouache out on this acrylic block, put
a few drops of water in it, and then mix it up with my paintbrush. This is a size two Escoda Prado brush, and it worked really, really well for the lettering on the envelope. I wanted to do a little bit of a test run, so I just used some scrap card stock and I just wrote out Tanja’s name to make sure it was the way I wanted it. Then I went directly onto the envelope and started lettering her name. Now, Tanja gave me
permission to use her address for mailer envelopes
and to share it online, so thank you so much, Tanja. If you would like to submit your address for consideration on
future mail art envelopes, please use the link down
below in the video description or at my blog. It’s the one that’s labeled Submit Your Address for Mail
Art or for Monthly Giveaways. I do update that form every month, so if you’ve entered
your address in the past, you’ll want to update that
once again every month. This is just my way of
keeping addresses current. So, I’m drawing on her name, kind of doing a little brush calligraphy, and I’m making sure that
it’s nice and opaque, so, like that area on the letter N, it was a little bit transparent, so I went over that twice
with this white gouache. So I’m gonna add her last name, and you’ll notice that I
changed the positioning of the words, or her name,
on the actual envelope. So, I’m glad that I kind of tested out that first practice run to make sure everything
was how I wanted it to be. Just gonna finish this off using the tail end of the S’s here to connect them, and then I thought about doing her address in this gouache as well, but in the end decided to
use a Sharpie paint pen, this is a white water-based paint pen, and it worked beautifully. I really like the
thickness of this marker, and it makes the address really stand out. I needed it to be very legible so it could get all the way to Tanja in Florida. I also used that paint
pen for my return address on the back flap of the envelope. Then I picked out some stamps, and I have some really fun kind of gold foil metallic stamps that I received a while
back from the post office. Got two of those, and then I brought in some flower stamps that has
kind of a blush pink color on this stamp, and I thought it would look well with the colors on the envelope. And then I’m going to finish
it off with a vintage stamp. I’m not sure when this stamp is from, or what year it’s from, but
I believe it’s quite old. It’s 10 cents, and I just placed that on, that’s in the top left
color of the envelope. I used a water brush to activate
the adhesive on the back. Before I protect the envelope and make sure it won’t
get ruined in the mail, I heat set that just to make
sure all of that paint is dry, and then I use a mini round blending tool to grab some Micro Glaze,
some Distress Micro Glaze, and I’m going to do a thin
coat of this Micro Glaze over the entire envelope. I’m avoiding the postage stamps because it makes the entire area slick, and then the post office won’t
be able to cancel the stamps. So after I put that on, and then I used a paper
towel just to buff off any of the excess, and then that protects
the envelope from moisture that it might encounter while
it’s going through the mail. So that’s the envelope for today. As far as putting this card inside, I take that 5 1/2 by 5 1/2 inch card stock and I just put that in with the card so that it keeps the
corners nice and crisp, so I won’t get any bending of
the corners on the envelope. So that is the card
and envelope for today. We hope you guys enjoyed. I really love how these turned out. I think this is some of my favorite work that I’ve done recently. I love the metallic look on
both the card and the envelope, and hope you guys are inspired on how you can create a shaker card. Onscreen I’ve got three more shaker cards for you to check out. I love making shaker
cards, they’re so fun, and there’s some inspiration for you. If you aren’t a subscriber
already, I invite you to do that, and hit that notification bell
so you never miss a video. Give me a thumbs up on
this video if you liked it, and thanks so much for watching.

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