Marvel Legends Baron Zemo Review – Mojo Series (Toy Biz)

Welcome comic toy reviews and this review
is the Marvel Legends Baron Zemo he was part of the Mojo wave of build a figure wave
series action figures and this is the original Baron Zemo the more
famous one is the second one who has a
different costume but this version had a variant costume unmasked variant
which can look like a zombie face up but this one you can’t remove the mask an easy to find Marvel Legend in the
secondary market it doesn’t go for much kinda a shame because of it’s a great sculpt though the plastic
they made on this one was kinda weak and that’s one of the negatives that
fans didn’t like about the plastic quality not being too good on this wave action figures but on its
own sculpt wise on a shelf it’s good to have some extra bad guys
up for display and this is our one nasty bad guy that would look good are on the villain shelf his weapons his right hand is holding this staff
weapon it just falls off extremely easy and I got attached here with a wire so it doesn’t fall off but if I don’t have that on its good
just gonna fall off real easy so unfortunately he has a holster
here and gun but is just sculpted on you cannot
remove the pistol here it’s just sculpt right
there just to look cool and the holster does look pretty
nice its detailed and has symbols on the belt upper fur here looks really cool design wise and paints he also has a nice fur here
he could see paint and design wise how made that you could see it looks a little baggie on
forearms style of costume that looks cool and not a bad a costume design for Baron Zemo made by Jack Kirby in design and Stan Lee this was the Baron Zemo
storyline that took place in WW II where Bucky was supposedly killed and
this is the guy responsible and eventually he died battling Captain
America in the early Avengers issues his head
also has this nice type crown peace can see the eyes beneath the mask looking Cobra Commander ish if anything up and down side to side ball jointed at shoulders In N Out up and down bicep cuts double elbows right here you could turn it and then In N out
and forefingers have an articulation point same here
right here the glove can turn it In N out forefingers to hold the staff weapon in and out
is real loose on this figure but it does work
and the waist turns but it’s beneath this up little skirt
thing that turns legs in an out but it’s hampered a bit
by the skirt here as you’d imagine upper thigh
cuts can go up and down but hampered a bit
double knees the boots turn right below the fur thing here up and
down on the feet and toes do have some
articulation but it’s still stiff this one overall Baron
Zemo he fits in with the Red Skull Arnim Zola so if you get those
type figures you want this guy he does not call for too much in
secondary market so you still find mint on card only pay a couple bucks for him and knowing that I think it is up pretty good
for building a new Marvel Legends collection and if you don’t that the character
doesn’t hurt to have another bad guy for heroes to fight fight so that’s the
review thanks for watching and talk to you later Hey Baron Zemo let’s join up and finish off
Captain America sure thing skull but what’s with that
costume you don’t like this costume no it does not look cool you got me on that one first costume change second destroy Captain

  1. @devilstoysuk2 Thanks, he sure is one of the cheap ones, but always good to get a villain to menace the Avengers. 🙂

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