Mang Greggy continues to give away magic fertilizers | Starla (With Eng Subs)

– Kid! Where’s Mister Greggy? Uh, hold on. Daddy Greggy! – Daddy Greggy! I hope he gives us
some magical fertilizer! What is it? There are people
looking for you. Mister Greggy! What are you doing here? Good morning, Mister Greggy! Good morning, Mister Greggy. What are you doing here? We heard about your magical
fertilizer, Mister Greggy. Can you help us out, too? That way, our crops
can also grow. That’s right! Sure. -But you need to give me a hand.
-Alright! Go to the back. You need to line up. Thank you, Mister Greggy! – Thank you!
– You’re welcome. – Here you go.
– Thank you! I hope it helps. – This is for you.
– Thank you. There’s enough for
everyone, don’t worry! – Ato!
– Hey, Doc Philip! – What’s going on?
– People are lining up… Greggy’s magical fertilizer. We’re really grateful! Because I’m sure our crops
will grow thanks to this! – I’ll be on my way!
– Alright. Thank you, Mister Greggy! There you go. There’s more for everyone. – Thanks.
– No problem. Wait… Here. Greggy, thanks a lot for
your magic fertilizer. You’re a blessing to
Barrio Maulap. Thank you. I hope that helps. It will! Bye. Bye. You made a lot of people
happy, Daddy Greggy. I just hope they don’t rely
too much on miracles because it’s not real. But… since I was going
to give those away, it became easier for me. Buboy, you seem restless. Is something wrong? Don’t worry, Daddy Greggy.
I’m fine. Hey! Why aren’t you dressed yet?
You have class! – Hurry up!
– Okay. – Our crops will grow instantly.
– Yeah. – He gave us lots of fertilizer.
– Good day, attorney! – Good day to you, too!
– Hi, attorney! What are those? Your father is giving out
magic fertilizer! Really? – This works really well.
– Your father is very kind. Just like you, he’s also
helping the needy. You take after your father. – That’s true, attorney.
– You’re both kind. It’s Doc Philip! – Good day, Doc Philip!
– How are you? Since our crops will
surely grow now, we’ll join your cooperative. Really? That’s good to hear! – Come on!
– Guys… Let’s go! Why did you open
the gate for him? Come on.


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