MAMAMOO Highlights Their Individual Charms – Episode 6 | SHOOK

Hey it’s Fei! Today I’m here to host a new show with Soompi, coming to you on CREATED by Viki! This show’s called SHOOK, where we celebrate some of the talent you guys nominated in the 13th Annual Soompi Awards! I’m SO excited for today’s guest! They are THE only, Mamamoo! ♪ I say ♪ ♪ Mama mama moo~ ♪ Hello, we’re Mamamoo! They’re so much more prettier in person! They’re GORGEOUS! You guys have currently been promoting your newest song, “Paint Me”! Can you guys tell me a little bit about that? Our newest song, “Paint Me” is a song about the four emotions that come up when you’re in love. We used four colors as metaphors for those emotions to create this amazing song The first one is white… Whee In represents the color white. Yes, I represent the color white, which sings about the emotion before starting love, the pure emotion. And Hwasa is yellow, which represents the warm and fluttered heart of a newly started love. Red represents the raging love that’s really fired up. The passionate love. Lastly, blue represents the cold emotion after the love ends. Wow!!! You guys have to check out their song because their vocals are GOALS! Not only that, but what are you guys doing for 2018? Our goals for 2018 are… So the plan for the entire year is almost out already. Yup Seriously. We couldn’t show everyone songs that much last year, but we’ll most likely be coming back with music a lot. And… We’re preparing something else as well, so everyone, please look forward to it! 2018 will be a year where, each one of us, the four of us will be able to show off our colors. Well as you guys know, this show is all about celebrating some of the talent nominated. And Mamamoo, you guys have such a BIG international K-Pop following. You guys were nominated for so many awards this year. How do you guys feel about having such a big popularity abroad? We haven’t gone gone abroad a lot yet… We haven’t been able to visit our international fans closely so we hadn’t realized, but Soompi just showed us like this! Thank you so much, and we hope there will be many chances, opportunities to visit and meet our fans directly. As much as everyone’s waited, we’ll visit as soon as possible. Thank you! Wow! And perhaps something that helps you guys stand out so much is your individual charms. You guys are like boss lady, and you guys are the epitome of a girl-crush! So are you guys ready to show off your charms? READY! Let’s go!! YAY! Hello, it’s Moonbyul from Mamamoo! Hello everyone! It’s Wheein from Mamamoo! Hello, it’s Hwasa! What would there be?? One thing? OH I used to have braces! I don’t think our fans know about this. …Tears? Our fans think I don’t shed tears… That I have a cold soul…? Many of them seem to think that way. I’m… MUCH quieter than one might think. Right, everyone? Oh wow, my members are not answering me. I’m very quiet ♪ Prankster. Wheein. Just as I am, Jung Wheein. I have a little dream of showing everyone just as I am. I am Mamamoo’s… I thought of something, but I can’t remember what it was. Ah, whenever I stand in front of a camera. I am Mamamoo’s maknae. Whoa. WHOA. I am Mamamoo’s red. I think I get fired up when I really get into something. Impersonation??? My impersonation… I used to have one…but I think I’ve already shown it to everyone… Buhnaaaaaaaaaaaaaa nuh This is all I have! I hate saying that I don’t have any, but our team REALLY doesn’t have any… -Ruhwuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh- It’s a sad puppy… -Rwhhh?- In 2018, I want to be able to break out of my shell and become someone that can see outside a little more. I want to be able to find something interesting and fun… and become happy through that. That’s my dream. My plan. Songs! I want to try making more songs the best I can. About my emotions, or… Something in depth. I want to try working on songs a lot. A group that seeks diversity… That’s what we want to show you. A group that tries a lot of different things, and can show different aspects. Awesome women. That’s what we want to become… A group that’s unforgettable. I hope we become a group to remember for a long time. I first thought of my solo song, but I think a song that represents me the best is our title song, “Yes I Am”. I was able to portray me… What I really like through the lyrics I think. It’s a really old song! A really old one. It’s a song called Kim Jung-eun’s “Propose”, from a really long time ago. My mother told me how when I was born, she used to sing me that song all the time while giving me a bath. I’m not putting too much meaning into this… Beyonce’s “Ave Maria”. Because I’m Maria. I watched the movie. I think his name was Kim Ja-hong? I think that’s his name. I want to experiene a lot of different things, so… I think it’ll be fun. This question is so hard to answer! OH that’s right!! It’s a Japanese animation…I used to wonder what it would be like to become Sen and experience all these things… I wanted to become SO many things!‘s Angelina Jolie! Doing a lot of action like this trying that sounds like a good…. Dream. Yeah. Seonbi*?
*Virtuous scholars Wouldn’t I have been a seonbi? I think the seonbi’s the… Some of their philosophy sounds… I could relate to a few of their thoughts, and thought “Yeah, I guess you could think that way.” So it JUST occured to me that I might have been a seonbi. Oh. Apparently, I was a kisaeng! General. I actually know someone who calls me “general”! I’m not that good at drawing… 10 seconds left! AAAAAAAH You really don’t need an explanation. What you see is just it. Emoji facial expression! Please come out. Wait a sec. Can you do this pose like this? Oh! Isn’t it EXACTLY the same??? I drew it! Okay. So this is Hwasa. Whoa. Kinda like this? But she got the position of my mole wrong. It has to be on the cheek right here… Ah. OH. But it’s up here… Heyyy come on… Ta-dah!!! HEYYYYYY WHAT IS THAT??? No, no. It’s not that. That’s not a person! No wait Listen to my description! Unni’s nickname is like… Bunny! Unni’s shoulders are slightly narrow. Unni also has really small ears. And she has eyelashes on, so… Okay, so please vote which one you think drew the best! [♪ It’s me ♪] Who drew the worst? It’s you. You. This is a Lego! This still looks like a person… It’s a Lego! It’s cute! Wow… Noooo

  1. Wheein ahh that’s why i love you how you are yourself you don’t have a cold soul baby i know the moments you cried honey all mamamoo are babes😭😍✨😭❤️i love them!

  2. For everyone Solar is not included or there bc she rested her back bc of back-injury but yeba is now probably doing fine :)) 🌸✨



  5. i feel so happy that when it comes to questions abt their future plan, they all hv similar answer, which means they're going to strike for the same goal tgt <3
    btw 4:45 ommo ommo kiyowoo Byullie unnie

  6. Wheein-ah you solemn, old soul.
    You find authenticity best in being yourself, not just by an image of who you are, you are finding things that can make you happier in life because you’ve been slightly overwhelmed in your deep thoughts and LOOK AT HOW YOU FIND SOLACE IN UR DRAWINGS AND HOW PROUD YOU WERE OF YOUR DRAWING AND IM PRETTY SURE SHE EXPLAINED QUITE DEEPLY OF HYEJIN AND IM PRETTY SURE THERES A REASON WHY SHE DREW HYEJIN WITH HER EYES CLOSED AND SHES NOT REALLY SMILING (rather she looks like she’s angry or in pain?) BUT IT WAS CUT SHORT SO T.T
    Wheein-ah I think we have a lot of things in common. T-T

  7. hwasa.. whether its Beyonce or Rihanna.. she will brag abt her most fav person everywhere as usual.. Rihanna, Beyonce.. please notice Hwasa ur ultimate fans since kid hyejinie.. lol😂😂😂😂😂😂

  8. "Annyeonghasseyeo mamamoo moonbyul imnida." "Annyeonghasseyeo mamamoo wheein imnida." and theres hwasa. "anyyeonghasseyeo hwasa imnida. " lol

  9. The fact that wheein said Spirited Away, I have a whole new respect for her lol! I love mamamoo and Studio Ghibli ❤️

  10. This was during their live on soompi right? Yong unnie wasn’t there, and that was their clothes and venue during the live I think

  11. For those asking about Solar, She got a back injury in early January. That's why she was not in the interview. But she is fine now and Mamamoo is coming back on March 7th .

  12. I’m a proud mama of Fei and omg mamamoo 😍😍😍😍 words can’t describe their talent. Solar unni where you at?

  13. i have to wait tiil 7th march to your comeback, it feel so longggg time…….
    i cant wait…your teaser kill me….T.T

  14. OMG that one interview just perfectly showed how different 2 young girls are and that's exactly why Wheesa will never fucking die

  15. mmm i've realized something through this show. both OH MY GIRL and Mamamoo did this. when asked about what/who they want to become in the following year, both groups said they wanted to become awesome "women" and that just really struck me because i don't think i've ever heard a girl group refer to themselves as women before. i think this is directly connected to the fact that the hostess is a women (Fei). korean women may seem to have this censorship about what and what not to talk about when a man is carrying the conversation, especially in the way that they refer to themselves. "amazing women, strong, healthy, and happy women" idk i found it really interesting.

  16. Great interview! Girls, you are amazing, keep doing what you do and being yourselves. We still have a lot of love to give you!!! ☆♡ 💛😍

  17. I'm vicariously living my dream thru you fei because it's my dream to personally see and meet mamamoo 😣 I'm so jealous of you yet happy for you too 😅

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