Making a SHIVAN DRAGON with Clay (Magic the Gathering) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

  1. Hello, please could you make a clay tutorial of untitled goose game?? I would love that so much since I've been trying to make untitled goose game with clay and paper, thanks a bunch.

  2. Just got our starter kit in the mail… my son is beyond excited amd alrdy following your videos on how to make a figure lol thanks bunches for responding to my email. We are big fans. Unfortunately i dont have the funds for a sweater my son just noticed one on one of your videos or else i would of got one. My daughter also requested if you can create elsa and anna. She said there are no videos for her because she is a girl and you make boy toys🤣 shes 2yrs old🤣🤣🤣

  3. Magnifique je viens de m’abonner et je trouve super cool vos vidéos
    Continuez comme ça 🙂 ( plus de magic 😁 avec Nicol Bolas par exemple)

    Beautiful I just subscribe and I think your videos are cool
    Continue like this 🙂 (more magic 😁 with Nicol Bolas for example)

  4. Dude I love your channel and your sculptures. If I were to give some constructive criticism it would be that you’re too heavy with your painting. If you took more time and built up thinner layers with the dry brushing it would look much better.

  5. genialer kanal. hab ich erst vor ein paar tagen entdeckt. deine liebe zum detail ist absolut unterhaltsam und eindrucksvoll. mach weiter so :0

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