Make a Mojo Bag – Hoodoo How To with Madame Pamita

Hi, I’m Madame Pamita and this is Madame
Pamita’s Parlour of Wonders. You can find me online at Today
I’m going to be showing you how to make a mojo bag and that’s something that a lot
of people have asked me how to do. They have ingredients at my store on how to
make them. And it’s a rather complex thing. I teach classes
on how to do it but you can’t teach everybody
all over the world so we’re going to show you how to do it here
and then you can do one on your own. So these are the things you’re going to need
for a mojo bag. You’re going to of course need the bag, flannel bag of some kind.
We’ll talk about that in a second. You’re going to need some kind of charm to sew
on it. I’ve got a little heart charm here. Some needle and thread to sew it with.
You’ll need a paper for a petition paper and a pen or pencil to write with. You’ll
need some ingredients to put into that mojo bag and in this case, we’re going to
be doing a love mojo bag. And so I have rose petal and cinnamon and
two little lodestones here. So you’ll need those ingredients to put in you mojo bag
and some incense to smoke it and some oil to feed it. In this case, I have Lucky
Mojo Come to Me Oil. So we’ll be doing a love mojo but you can do a mojo bag really
for any purpose the protection, luck, money, prosperity so on. But we’re going
to focus this one on love. You’ll need some matches too by the way to light your
incense but I think you probably figured that out. All right. So here’s how you
start. The first thing that you need to do is to sew the…this
is what we’re going to end up with by the way this is the
mojo bag we’re going to end up with. First thing you’re going to need to
do though is pick out your flannel bag. It’s very traditional to have a red
flannel bag for any mojo, whether it’s for love or money. That’s the most traditional
way to make a mojo bag and you can really use red for any purpose but in more
recent times people sometimes like to pick a color that’s associated with the
intention of their mojo bag. So you might pick for example a green one if you were
going to do money or luck, or a pink one if you were going to use it for friendship
or reconciliation and so on. So you may want to pick a colored mojo bag but we are
going to stick with a red mojo bag because that’s the most traditional one and it’s
perfect for a love one. So the first thing that we’re going to do is sew our charm on
the outside of the mojo bag and get that mojo bag ready. So just take a needle and
thread and sew this little silver charm, I’ve got a sterling silver heart, I like
using silver charms or charms made out of fancier metals if possible. I think it
makes it a little more magical. So I’m just sewing that charm on, securing it. As
you’re doing this, as you’re making one for yourself if you’re making a mojo bag
for yourself you may say with each stitch that you take some kind of intention or
some kind of words about the love that you want to bring in. I want to bring in
someone who is sweet and affectionate and generous and faithful whatever words of
the kind of love that you want to bring in that’s always a good thing to do
as you make each stitch. Okay you can even count
the stitches if you want and make a nice…if you really want to get, I
guess, picky about it you could do three stitches, or five stitches, seven
stitches, one of those magical numbers. Those magical odd numbers three,
five, seven, nine and so on. All right so I’m tying a knot
in the end and you can either break it off or cut it off. I’m
just going to break off the thread here. All right so we got our bag with our charm
ready to go. Okay the next thing that I’m going to do is to write the petition paper
that I’m going to place in the bag. So on your petition paper you can write what it
is that you want. You can either write the kind of love that you want to bring in
describing that perfect relationship or that perfect partner so you
would write that petition. And you can write it free form.
You can write it in poetry list. However, you want to do it. Okay once you’ve
written that petition paper focusing on that love that
you want to bring in you want to fold it toward you because you
want to bring that relationship to you. So you fold the paper toward you and then you
turn it clockwise. And then you fold it toward you again. And if you want to fold
it a third time you can turn it clockwise and fold it a third time. You can leave it
at two too it’s not that…fold it four times if you want. Then you’re ready to
put that as the first ingredient in your mojo bag, the petition paper. As you put
it in, you can speak what it is that you want. For example, close your eyes and
think about that love that you want to come in. And say
the words that you said on your petition paper. For example,
bring me the love of my life, my soul mate, the one who is kind,
loving and true, one who adores me and whom I adore, something like that you can
put that in there. And then next you want to add some ingredients into the mojo bag,
now mojo bags traditionally have either botanicals, animal products, or shells and
minerals, coins, magic lucky charms and things like that. That’s what a mojo bag
is. It’s a little bag to carry these magical items all together. It can have
one or more. Traditionally with Hoodoo, we use odd numbers. So it can be 1, 3, 5, 7,
9, 13 but the really magical numbers tend to be 3, 7, 9 and 13. So we’re going to
make a simple three item, three ingredient one. And so the three
ingredients that I’m going to be putting in are these two
lodestones. And lodestones are naturally magnetic stones that you can see
here they have little iron filings that are attached to them and because we’re
doing a love mojo we’re going to be putting in two lodestones representing
you and your beloved. The two of you being together as a couple. So as you put each
ingredient in, you’re going to put lodestones in this one, in this one we’re
gonna do lodestones, we going to do rose petals and we’re going to do cinnamon. So
as you put each ingredient in you want to speak what it is that you want this
ingredient to do for you. So as the lodestones, as I’m putting those in you
can speak something such as bring my partner to me, my soul mate, my true love
to me and you speak that to the stones as you put them in and you put them in
together. The next ingredient we’re going to put in will be rose petals. I’ve got
beautiful organic red rose petals and so we can take a little pinch of those or a
few petals. And rose petals are for having a very sweet and affectionate, romantic
sort of relationship. So as you speak and put those in speak to your mojo bag and
speak to the rose petals and say, “May this love be sweet and heart centered,
loving and affectionate.” And then we’re going to also
add cinnamon to this mojo bag because cinnamon
is used in love work to spice things up in a very sweet way so to make
things passionate and sexy. You don’t want to have just a friendship. You want to
have a romance. A real hot romance so may this relationship be passionate,
affectionate, fiery in all the best ways and the love and chemistry between us be
beautiful and ever-flowing. I’m just sort of extemporizing as I put these in. You’re
going to use your own words. So now, we’ve got our ingredients in there. The next
step is that we’re going to breathe life into the mojo bag. That’s a really
important step. We want to make this mojo bag really feel and be alive. So the next
step is you’re going to take that mojo bag and open up the mouth of it. And you’re
going to breathe very gently into it. Your breath being a way of giving these
ingredients life, making them come alive and do this work for you. So I like to
focus, close my eyes and focus as I’m doing this breathing very gently because
if there’s powders in your mojo bag if you breathe a big puff they’ll pop out in your
face and you don’t want that. So you want to breathe very gently but in a way that’s
really putting intention into the work that you’re doing. So I’m going to focus.
I’m going to breathe in. As I’m doing it I’m envisualizing giving energy and life
to these things. You can do it more than once. You can do it several times. You do
it until you feel like these things really have gotten the energy and intention and
feel like they’re vibrating. They really feel like their alive. So you can do it
more than once but breathe into the mojo bag to give it life. Now we want to tie
off the mojo bag and so what you do is you pull…there should be two little
draw-strings on your little flannel bag and you want to pull those nice and tight
because you don’t want the ingredients to fall out at any time. And then you’re
going to take those two strings and cross them over each other so that they make a
tight seal and then pull it around the other side. I like to tie three knots in
the other side, nice number. I like the number three. And tie it very tightly one,
and here’s my second knot two and three. Even with this you can be
saying words as you tie each knot bring this love
to me, bring my love to me, anything that you can say to speak that
intention so we have a nice closed tightly taut…none of those little ingredients
are going to fall out. You don’t want your mojo bag…speaking of the ingredients,
you don’t want it to be too, something that’s too big and bulky because you’re
going to be wearing it. That’s what we do with a mojo bag. You make this a talisman
that you are going to wear or carry with you. So having it be flat and not too
bulky is what the ideal is. All right. So then the next thing we’re going to do is
feed the mojo bag. Feeding the mojo bag is something you do initially and it’s
something that you’re going to do a certain once
in a while, once every week is nice to feed your mojo bag.
There’s two ways you can feed a mojo bag. I’m going to show you both of them. The
first way is to smoke it through incense. So we’re going to light this incense and
in this case, I’m using a patchouli incense. I’ve got this nice patchouli
incense here. The reason I’m using that is because patchouli is good for also making
passionate relationships and for things being very sensuous and very passionate,
very loving. So we can use that patchouli incense and feed our mojo bag in
this way, smoking it. Now you can do that once a week, feeding it that way,
cleansing it. Doing that is also very important. Once I talk about how to attend
to a mojo bag…You will not let anyone see or touch your mojo bag. If someone
sees it, you can feed it and revive it by smoking it through the incense and also
feeding it with oils as we see here. If someone touches it, it kills the mojo bag
and it loses its power so you can’t let anyone touch it. You’ll have to remake it
or have someone remake it for you if you’re having someone do it. So the other
way to feed a mojo bag is to put oil on it. In this case, I’m using Come To Me
Oil. It’s made with real essential oils, real herbs and botanicals that are
supportive of bringing love into your life. So I’m using that Come To Me Oil and
I’m going to put it on the bag in a five spot pattern. I’m going to put one spot in
each corner of the bag like that making sort of four corners there and then one
spot in the middle. It should be just like the number five on a die. So you put those
five spots there that’s another way to feed it. You want to feed your mojo bag
either by smoking it with incense or with oils once a week. Now how do you care for
your mojo bag? Once it’s made, we have a finished mojo bag here. Once it’s made,
this is your personal talisman. You should wear it for the very first week either in
your bra if you’re a female or it could be pinned to your underwear. Somewhere
where it’s touching your body and becoming part
of you and you’re charging it with your energy. So
for that very first week, and you can even sleep with it under your pillow, if you
can put it inside your pillow case and sleep with it next to you that’s good. So
you want to wear it for that first week and from that point on you can either
wear it when you need it or you can wear it…you can wear it all the time if you
want but you can also carry it in your purse or your bag or carry it someplace
close to you. You don’t have to be wearing it next to you. The most important thing
about a mojo bag is that you don’t want anyone to see or touch it as I mentioned.
If someone sees it, you need to feed it again and you need to recharge it
again. If someone touches it, the mojo bag is dead and there’s nothing more that can
be done. You can take off the little charm and reuse that, cleanse it and reuse it.
Take out the hard things like the lodestones and cleanse those and reuse
those but the herbs and the bag itself are done. So use your wonderful mojo bag
in good health for attracting the things that you want in your life whether those
things are love, money, protection, luck and so on. My name is Madam Pamita. Thank
you so much for spending time with me today. You can find me online at

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  2. In most cases, when you have a lodestone loose, you would feed it; but in this case, where the lodestone is tied up in your mojo bag, you would not have to feed it with magnetic sand – you feed it with the oil or incense that you feed the mojo bag with. If you wanted, you could feed it with magnetic sand before you placed it in the bag, but not necessary after you place it in the mojo bag.

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