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Hello and welcome to MotorBeam. Now today we have been riding Mahindra’s Mojo, a motorcycle which was first showcased in 2010 and right now we are in 2015, it has taken Mahindra 5 years to get the bike on the road. The showcased it multiple times at the Auto Expo but now this bike is here, it feels very sorted out and I have with me over here Dhanil who is our ace test rider at MotorBeam. Well Dhanil, what do you feel about the motorcycle, what do you feel about the looks, the styling of the motorcycle. The styling is a bit quirky but it feels beefy when your sitting on the bike or when your looking from aside but the aggression on the front is a bit different. But those DRL lights, don’t you think they look a bit cool? Yes they look cool. But what I do feel is, on the Mojo, it looks a bit bigger than other bikes in the segment. Talking about the instrument cluster, we know that KTM has really loaded the console but Mahindra has a few tricks up its sleeve. So you have top speed timer over here, so that’s the cool bit but the main part which every one of you wants to know, is how does it perform? So we have a 300cc engine over here which produces 27 horse power and mind blowing 30 Nm of torque, well that is segment leading. So what do you feel? I feel the bike is fast, not that fast but I feel it’s fast. It’s much more of a tourer. 9000 RPM comes up early but the torque range, comes up at a later part. So it feels like the power comes in very late. It looks a bit aggressive, it should go fast but it just doesn’t as much as you want to. So it doesn’t accelerate as fast as the numbers will suggest? Yes. That’s because of its weight, it weighs more than 165 kgs and it has those two exhausts over here and it’s a 1 into 2 exhaust so that is also very unique. And the sound, I mean it does sound well. A pair of free flows having the db killers on, they should weigh less but they do weigh much. Top notch hardware, you have wave discs over here, upside down forks and Pirelli tyres, like usually we don’t see that coming as standard on Indian motorcycles. I like to talk about the tyres, because of the tyres, the bike is much more stable on the road because these Rosso 2 tyres give plenty of grip. Like MRFs which are available on Indian motorcycles do grip but they lose out on grip when it’s raining like the condition over here, they lose out on a lot of grip. It still feels stable even at 155 km/hr as you said. What about the handling, is it easy to tip into corners according to you. It’s a touring riding position, you go straight, you are not aggressive, you don’t feel putting in the corners for a knee down but you will find fun going a lean over. What about the brakes because this has very big disc brakes both upfront and rear. But does it have that bite, does it have the initial bite which all of us look out for. No, actually I was disappointed with the brakes. Because the brakes look good, the callipers are good but the tyres are also good. The tyres are superb but the bite is missing. Feedback is zero from the front. So overall we see this motorcycle comes in a very different kind of a role, it’s not your typical street-fighter out there and when we are talking about street-fighters, , you are sitting on one of the best street-fighters in the segment, the KTM Duke 200, a bike which has revolutionised the whole Indian motorcycle market. Aggressive pricing, aggressive positioning, amazing performance and again top notch hardware too. So compared to the Duke 200, what do you feel about the Mojo? It’s just a mixture of taking the Duke 200, adding up some good hardware onto the Mojo, making it much more comfortable, it’s just the Mojo way. Much more practical motorcycle, much more practical. So that’s what we got here, so the Mahindra Mojo might not really directly hit the KTM Duke 200 because the Duke 200 is a more aggressive street-fighter as the power comes in really very quickly, it just goes, you give it throttle and bang it’s gone. But the Mojo is a more relaxed motorcycle, it’s a motorcycle for a more mature audience it’s a motorcycle which you would like to tour on and in that way, the Mojo does fill in a gap very successfully in the market. Thank you so much for watching. Make sure you Like , Share ,Comment and Subscribe to the Motorbeam channel.

  1. How does it compare to Royal Enfield TB500, can Mojo cruise long distances? can its engine handle it? what about comfort department how does it fare against TB500

  2. Aggressive Pre Diwali Pricing of just 1.58 Lakhs ! Elite touring stance, decent suspension travel, Diablo Rosso-II Pirelli's, Twin exhausts, and a massive 21 LITRES FUEL TANK ! :O Too much for a single cylinder engine, also rumours were there that this will come with Ducati's injectors. Not sure about it though. I mean what else do you want from this segment. (ABS, sigh!)

    Pre-booking this !
    All the best Mahindra (Y)

  3. I think the design and handling of mojo should be improved. Even Thunderbird is good at corners now, so why mojo should not be good at that.

  4. yeah but a factory fitted cowl would be great than custom one cos everyone may not have tym … I think yu got it ryt

  5. What was that crap at 02:05 ?

    "So what do you feel ?"

    "I feel the bike is fast. Not that fast but I feel it is fast."

    So what is it then ? Come on guys this isn't how you do a motorcycle review.

  6. Very nice review.You are right about the brakes but that is understandable coz the bike is 182kgs heavy and so to stop such a heavy bike all of a sudden is not going to be as crisp as one would experience on the dukes.The dukes are lightweight bikes.T be more specific,the dukes are 30 kgs lighter than the mojo but still the Mojo manages a top speed of 155kmph. The 21 litre tank is also a huge plus! Mojo is definitely a treat for all those people who wish to tour the country without making frequent fuel stops!

  7. After test riding this bike xant help feel as if was on a classic 500minus the bad vibrations and bad quality….people looking to go for RE must check this bike out!

  8. How good is Mojo in city riding conditions? (B2B traffic)
    Help me pick from Mojo vs CBR 250R vs TB 350.. Which is the most VFM?

  9. can you please post a video of what top speed you can reach? also when riding slow in city traffic, does it heat up ? please answer this, as i am planning to book it in couple of days.

  10. how can you compare a street fighter with a long journey bike? not a fair one.
    look at the weight of the 2. your are not doing justice to mojo!

  11. Surprisingly the bike looks good in person. The pictures don't do it justice. The bike is a good product by mahindra and im sure tourers with a budget will love this bike. @motorbeam Uve done a good job with the video.Keep improving though and thanks for the review.

  12. with comfortable riding position, 21L of fuel tank capacity and 35km/l mileage on highway it seems to be a perfect tourrer to me but mahindra should have equipped this bike with abs

  13. Biking is not about going fast that's racing biking is about the feel of it any bike which can cruise at 100 kmph without any heavy vibrations and looks good with decent braking is a good bike

  14. all motorcycle made for hero but
    mojo made for villains dadly lokks kill bikes on streets with samurai sword

  15. ktm duke 200  have better brake  10 cm shorter wheelbase  ,40 kg less  and only 2 bhp less it also have  leas head angle  so ktm  have better acceleration  better brake more lean angle  it is much more sportive bike like they say in video mahindra mojo 300  is more to cruise compare to duke 200 .

  16. seriously u say it has shitty brakes…first understand about the play of lever…den talk abt front brakes..

  17. Hello everyone, i am planning to buy a bike (Either Mojo or Rc390 – 2017 version) but m very confused as i will neither be using a bike for touring nor racing. Just for my personal use in city but i want to buy one bike either one of the above 2 mentioned options. Can anyone please help me with this.

  18. pd makes osum looking vids but motorbeam certainly has more views for this bike…..not complaining but channels are equally the best

  19. Slowly motorbeam is losing his trust…… Nowadays i have seen you always appreciate pulser and ktm… You also told pulser 200f is good… no center of gravity , Shitty brakes, Lol handling ( Heavy at front) , Not at all durable… MOTORBEAM you have sold your ass..

  20. Don't buy this bike you want a peace of mind. This bike has let me down more than once since an year. Great service support but the bike needs to mature. A LOT.

  21. Mojo reminds me of the triumph street triple. Awesome bike but could've gone with an underseat exhaust.

  22. The video is has been true to the character of the Mojo. I own one, so I know very well. It is a fabulous tourer. By the way, they are upgrading the front master cylinder of the Mojo to that of J.Juan under warranty, and with the upgraded master cylinder you get a very good initial bite and braking force.

  23. This is the type of bike, on which Samurai-Warriors ride on wielding a sharp katana and slay the demons or wateva… Aggressive front end , looks cool but unfortunately bad rear end, front doesnt match the rear…. ABS atleast

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