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Hi guys, and welcome to MotorBeam! We’ve been riding the Mahindra Mojo for more
than five months now, covering almost 7000kms. Now this bike has a lot of good pointts, but
even a few bad ones have come to our notice. Let’s see how this one fares in our long term
test. Okay first things first, this bike is one
weird looking bike. The disproportionate rear, the massive front,
it doesn’t add up. For example, the golden forks, the black & golden
styling, the twin exhaust, the twin headlamps- it all starts to grow on you. It also gathers a few mixed reactions from
the public, you know, they kind of start to ask you questions,”how much it weighs? How do you control this bike?” It’s all because of its road presence. I think this bike is still weird looking but
it stands out because of its uniqueness. The instrument cluster is one of the best
parts of this bike. It is compact, easily readable, the blue LED
backlight looks very good at night. However, with time, considering its monsoon
right now, water has seeped into the instrument cluster and I can still see some moisture
inside it and this morning itself the tachometer stopped working. I mean that’s surprising. So there are a few quality issues here. So, speaking of quality issues, the major
concern over here were the brakes. When we first tested it last year, the brakes
didn’t quite work so well, but you know they were passable for road use. But, with time, now after five months, the
brakes have faded a lot. I mean, this bike doesn’t stop. The rear brake has started making some weird
noises. The front brake has faded to a point where
I don’t feel confident enough to ride on the wet roads anymore. Speaking of monsoons, the bike splashes a
lot and it becomes very dirty and cleaning it is total work-out! In the monsoons, along with the rains come
the potholes on our Indian roads. Now this is where the Mojo stands out with
its exceptional ride quality over them. Bumps cannot be felt that easily and you have
to be really fast to lose control. Speaking of control, handling is not this
bikes forte, but the tyres provide adequate grip. However, once they wear out, expect a huge
bill for their replacement. Well we’ve heard the bad points about this
bike, but the best thing I like is its performance, I mean it just swooped me off of my feet. The engine is very relaxed, yet it wants to
be revved past the redline which is 9000rpm. The typical highway overtakes are a piece
of cake and the tall gear ratios help with touring. Now the problem with our bike is that the
glasswool has totally worn off and the bike has become very loud. However, its still to fun rev around in the
city and you know to gain some eyeballs. One unexpected thing about this bike is its
varying mileage. I mean, without the dB killer it goes as low
as 22 km/l while the best mileage we’ve got on this bike is 30 km/l. Well Mahindra 2-wheelers has a good service
network. But servicing this Mojo is kind of costly
when compared to the other bikes of this segment. I mean a service alone costs up to Rs. 2200 Well, the Mahindara Mojo is a great bike,
it has definitely surpassed our expectations. It has a very good ride quality, awesome performance
and there are a few quality issues but I think Mahindra to resolve those and if they do,
this will be one flawless bike to buy under the Rs. 2 lakh segment. Thank you for watching. Please make sure you like, comment, share
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  1. do you think it is good to couple (if their is a way to do so) mojo's engine and gearbox with either duke or rc's chassis ? do you think that will give us a good bike ?

  2. I am waiting for mojo v2 (abs version). if they do not release the bike by early 2017, I will go for either 400cs or d390, since I want a bike for long distance touring.

  3. thank god, you guys are so responsive!
    Still expecting for a long term review of apache rtr 200 4v, and please do talk about its availability on FI variant!

  4. It looks like you are not able to decide, you start of with heavy negative approach and end up calling it an almost flawless bike. Reverse your approach and the viewers will feel its a better approach, nice wheelies though..

  5. Every bike has some negative issues but once u drive Mojo u will only have positive one,it makes u feel special

  6. bro, I own the bike! the message people seem to be getting is- the bike is shit, possibly you don't mean it, but that's what it sounds like

  7. but still service is cheaper then KTM's….Duke service cost around 4 to 5k and it can increase in case of any part replacement like chain sprocket or any other

  8. Motorbeam now into long term reviews? Now you guys stand apart from other channels. Way to go guys:) if possible please make a long term review of Hornet 160r CBS πŸ™‚

  9. brakes can fade depending on usage and always can't be tracked by kms. I suggest you change brake pads rather than being scared of using and telling to public who turn will get a wrong message

  10. r u kidding, service cost is cheap compare to Pulsar 220. I am paying 2.5k every service at Bajaj Service center.

  11. more long term reviews please
    specially duke 200 … you haven't actually done a proper review for that bike and it's totally worth it As it kind of started the culture of modern day sports bikes for masses

  12. u haven't took rvm issue which is loose and keeps on going down on bumpy roads. even mahindra too accepts that. other point is till now my regular free service didn't crossed rs 1600 after getting 2 service done.

  13. motorbeam…which is attain higher top speed yamaha fazer v2 vs suzuki gixxer sf? nd how much they both attain top speed??

  14. Good review. Well balanced views and opinions. Kudos for Mahindra for delivering this bike

    I had a doubt on the breaks when I took a test ride in Feb 2016. I wish Mahindra fixes it soon and also adds ABS. Alternatively, one has to opt for after market break upgrades from Brembo or Nissin. I wish Mahindra should have matched the breaking power of Honda CBR250R ABS or KTM DUKE 390. Both these bikes have better breaking power – which leads to better handling and maneuvering in Indian City Roads.

    The mileage variations could be due to:

    1. Low tyre air pressure
    2. High rev rides.

    As this is a 300cc engine and at sustained speeds of 100+ kmph, the effect of deflated tyres and/or high revs could greatly vary the mileage.

    The bike Chassis is also not well designed, especially for cornering at 70+ kmph speeds. The chassis does not handle well and feels heavy and risky when cornering. I think, Mahindra should have hired international experts while designing the chassis. Like what RE did for Himalayan. The chassis design has several short comings – especially the silencers & foot pegs scrapping the tarmac on turns, and handling the weight in corners. Comparatively, RE Continental GT and Himalayan handles cornering very well – thanks to design by Harris Performance.

    Overall, I think Mojo is a better package than other bikes in that range for long distance touring. Compared to competition in this price range, Mojo delivers a more capable and more reliable bike.

    It will be good if Mahindra could pull out a quick upgrade to this bike by adding ABS, optional Wind screen for touring and introducing Adventure Variants.

  15. Such a powerful bike with poor brakes is unsafe for the roads, specially for touring, imagine what will happen if the brakes fail to work in Himalayan Roads!!

  16. can u guys do a comparision video between apache rtr 200 and mojo? love both the bikes. and which one will be the best to buy acc. to you?

  17. i want to use it mainly as a commuting bike. i like the looks, seating posture and power. Just wanna ask hows the overall quality?

  18. I lik this mojo….. but still I'm confused in mojo, Pulsar 200 ns, and Apache rtr 200 4v. which bike we buy to suitable me for long drive, best mileage, and performance…..

  19. i wanted to ask which of the two bikes are better overall, Bajaj Dominar or Mahindra Mojo? Going by my experience bajaj bikes have poor longevity in terms of quality and resale value. I have owned pulsar 200 & 220 in past both the bikes were poor in terms of refinement and quality. Which is a obvious reason why Bajaj bikes are cheap when comes to pricing.

  20. Should i go for dominar ir the mojo as i have to travel 40 kms everyday or any other bike. Need your suggestion under for 2lakhs as i am a college going boy.

  21. I don't know why MB is so biased… Not only the video also look at their replays… I own Mojo for 6 months now & I can't agree to this video even to a single point… I sometimes feel these so called Review channels in YouTube treating MOJO as same as Our media treating Modi..

  22. Service at 2000 ? Wow I wish u see how difficult it is to maintain a ninja, and the spares availability, 2000 is a understatement when it comes to owning in a ninja 300 trust me

  23. Please create a Better Flowing script next time. And BTW how does it compare to Royal Enfield in all departments (considering both 350 and 500 not GT)

  24. been using the bike without db killer for 7 months now… bangalore whitefield traffic gives me 28kmpl average and on highway this goes 550km in one filling … what are you even talking about??? The only correct thing in this video was about the breaking.

  25. I sold my mojo after 9 months covered 7.5k. problems were huge. tachometer would stop working alternate days, tried replacing the mother board, top cover, entire tacho itself once but always water would seep in just after going for a normal wash. Then battery problems, the brakes are pathetic, really tyres wear out very quickly and they cost a bomb. ahindra showroms are almost non existant now so even if u find one there will be many bikes, scooters with tons of issues so the technicians dont work properly u have to be there tell them evry problem specifically and also tip them despite of heavy service charge, every part also costs a lot more than competitors although quality is pathetic. I think I replaced almost evry part in my bike. Same problms are also faced by my friends. 8 of them, we all bought mojo's

  26. Make a long term review about the NS 200abs.. This is going to be my first bike and there's none other who's words i can trust than Motorbeam

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