Magical Duo Hello Sunday Performs Keala Settle’s “This Is Me” – The Voice Blind Auditions

  1. They suck… this is a new low for this show.. it just keeps getting worse and worse…. instead of the voice they need to call it laryngitis

  2. This is truly amazing!! Good luck and best wishes to Hello Sunday! They are destined to be stars. They did an awesome job, the future is bright for them!❤️😊❤️😊

  3. my black girl inspirition
    but no joke I looked at one that is less good as this and she caught all the judges but 2 black girls gettin ones that how it works?

  4. The girl with the jacket is a standout,,, she nailed that note,,, the other one was pitchy,, but kelly can do something about that

  5. These girls are really good but the show is called The Voice not the voices it's not a Duo show it's a single person show called The Voice one more time the voice not the voices and they are voices fantastic voices but they don't belong on the show they need to go on another talent show that is not for one person this show is for one person that's why it's called The Voice

  6. their name is just a complete rip off of Hey Monday which the lead singer of that group was Cassadee Hope but OKAY

  7. They’re pretty good but I’m lowkey scared for them. Duo’s don’t really make it far on this show. Except for the swon brothers back in season 4

  8. They are in good hands! Kelly is like so good in bringing out the best of a singer. Just like what she did to Lynnea M!

  9. I think they were good just not the best song choice. I mean I could barely hear their voices . Music was just way too loud. And just a bad song in general

  10. okay who's chopping onions around here…they were freaking amazing!! Kelly is the only one who could handle their power anyway!

  11. Back here after their Battle. They’ve definitely improved so much since the Blinds. Good here but much better in Battles.

  12. I've watched their, knockout and battle rounds then I came back here and while I was watching this I asked 'How can someone improve greatly in just 3 performances?' 👏👏👏

  13. I wish there was the voice kids. I loved watching La Voz Kids the Hispanic American but it would be cool to hear all different ethnicities and races sing.

  14. When I first heard them I knew they had so much talent but together needed some help and now I really hope they win because they’ve shown their voices fr!

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