Hi! This is Dave Foydel with expertvillage.com.
In this next clip you will learn the rules of magic. At first I want to say thanks for
coming and checking this out, for having a bit of magic interest to learn some of the
tricks that I just taught you. Magic is a great hobby; something that you can carry
with you the rest of your life. I would like to tell you about a couple of rules with magic.
Rule number one of course is never tell your secrets, now you are sitting there probably
saying wait a minute, you just taught me about 12 tricks. Well this a little different because
you had an interest and came and searched me out and looked for the tricks, so that
is why I taught the tricks to you. But your buddy who you showed one of this tricks to,
says how did you do it? If you tell him, that is it, that is as far as he will go he will
never try and learn the trick to perform it or take the time invest in this trick, he
just wants to know the quick solution, and it is just never a good idea to just rattle
off how you did tricks. Number two, is never do the same trick twice. There are always
exceptions to rules but I kind of live by this one. The first time you do the trick
they are watching for enjoyment, they have never seen how it works, are what does, so
they are watching and just enjoy but once they have seen the trick, the second time,
now they are trying to figure out your trick. They want to know how you did it and they
know they are going to catch you the second time, and the chances are they probably will;
a lot of tricks really shouldn’t do twice. Rule number three is always practice your
tricks. Practice them as much as you can. I always have a basic rule with myself I will
try to do a trick at least 10 times in a row perfect before I show it to anyone, that way
there I know I will be confident when I do it. Now make sure you are doing the trick
right though, because people say practice makes perfect, but I think practice makes
permanence, that is what the old magicians told me, so if you practice it wrong enough
times it will be wrong forever. As far as getting more into magic, I really encourage
you to go visit your local magic shop. There are shops all over the country, they stock
full of great materials, books, DVDs, tricks, One of my favorite books, first book I ever
had, was the Mark Wilson’s Complete Course of Magic. A lot of those tricks I taught today
were from that book, it is an excellent, excellent book. Royal Magic makes a lot of great magic
tricks as far as getting into stuff so it is just some really good things you can up
there, so have fun and hope you entertain them. Thanks.

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