Hi! This is Dave Foydel with expertvillage.com.
I am going to teach you the red and black trick. This next trick you will need two people
to help you out. You have a spectator Bob over there, pick a card and Mary over here,
pick a card. You have them to look at their card; you will notice I am not peeking at
all. Then you have each person put their cards back in the pack, like this so it is completely
lost. Then all I have to do is go through the cards and pull out each of their cards,
so here is the explanation for the red and black trick. Pretty much you take the deck
of cards and you split it, so half the deck is red and half the deck is black and that
is pretty much it. At the point there you just have to remember who picks what card
and where to put them back. I will offer the cards to the first person and I will make
sure that I only offer them about the first 15. I don’t want to go to deep because they
might get into red territory and I don’t want them pick the red one; I want them to
pick a black one at first. So they will pick one there, then I go over to the next person
I go only for the bottom 15; again, because I only want them to pick a red card. So once
they have done that, they look at their cards, I will have this person cut the deck and have
him put his card back in the bottom. Now if you notice where I cut the cards is red, and
his card is black, so as I cut the cards here, he puts it in, I put these on top, I just
put his black card in the red side and then I have them put their card, red card in the
black side. Now at this point all you have to do is go through and find the cards that
are in the wrong sections and you have got their card. Now one little side note on this
trick: if you do want to perform this to people who might be a little bit clever and want
to look at the cards, you can split the cards; instead of red and black you can split them
so there are spades and hearts and clubs and diamonds, that way there, you can more freely
show the cards in the beginning of the trick, because to them it will still look like a
mixed up deck of all reds and blacks mixed together; but what they don’t know is this
half only has hearts and spades and this half only has diamonds and clubs. It works the
same when they pick their cards, you just have to look for the one tip that is not supposed
to be in there and when you find it, you know what is that card and that is how you do red
and black.

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