Magic Tricks For Beginner Magicians : Developing Techniques for Magic Card Tricks

Hi! I am Joe Marshall with
I am a professional magician, and today we are going to go over some basic magic tricks.
One last thing I want to mention, presentation wise, when you are dealing with cards, when
you hand somebody a deck of cards to shuffle, a normal person most likely is going to shuffle
like this, and it is going to be really sloppy. When they hand you back the cards, you do
not want to do like an off the table, riffle shuffle, followed by a thumb spread where
you show off 52 cards and close it up, because you will just make them feel kind of foolish,
and it almost like you making fun of them in a way, or at least they will feel that
way. So make sure you just handle the cards as if anybody would. Big thing, do not call
it a deck, called it a pack, because normal people call it a pack of cards. Even professionals
will still say this is a deck of cards, when they should be calling it a pack, because
everybody says “do you have a pack of cards.” And you just want to make sure that you stay
on their level, and not insult them by using fancy moves, and one handed shuffle and stuffs
just like that.

  1. He gives really good advice on performing, which is what magic is about… A lot of people these days just do "tricks"… What separates noobs from pros is the reactions they get after performing the same exact trick. Audiences with pros are stunned, and their reactions are through the roof, while noobs just get laughs, or like a simple oh my god how did you do that.

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