Magic Tricks For Beginner Magicians : Basic Card Tricks

Hi! I am Joe Marshall with
I am a professional magician and today we are going to go over some basic magic tricks.
This is a card trick I like to do when I’m at somebody’s place and just they hand me
a deck of card and say do a trick. This is the card trick I will do. I just fan through
and have them pick one, say they select for example, the 7 of hearts, and I say then go
ahead and place the card back in the deck anywhere you want, they do, they push it in.
And then I ask them, do you want me to try to find your card, and put it face up in the
deck or face down in the deck. I usually bring it forward, and whatever they say it does
not matter, say for example, they say they want it face down. I hand them the cards and
say, go ahead and thumb through the cards and see if you can spot your card, and they
look are for it; and then there is a card that happens to be face down. It is the only
one that is face down of the pack; when they turn it over, it’s their card, the 7 of
hearts. And this is the setup to do that trick. The only setup you will need is just a regular
deck of cards, you can give them a shuffle, it does not matter, but before you actually
start the trick, you are going to want to take the bottom card and turn it face down
like that, so you have this type of thing happening. So all the cards are face down
except for the bottom card. You want to get in the position without anybody seeing you.
There are ways to do that, I will go into it later but for now we will just move on.
You want to fan out the deck, they select any card they want, and as they show it around
the people, what the hand does that holds the deck is, it just goes like this and turns
it over as they are showing it around. It is a perfect cover, because nobody is watching
the deck. You are just going to flip it over; and when you bring it back up, you wanted
to be back in this position. So, when they are finished showing their card and they put
it in the deck, they are actually putting it in the wrong way, what it looks like they
are putting in the proper way, because all the cards look oriented in the same direction.
So they push it in; and the only thing you need to do behind your back now, is when the
cards get behind the back, you are just going to do this type of thing, where you deal off
the first card and flip it over, and then you bring it back around like so. So all the
cards are fixed again; you basically just flip that over. If you do not do that with
one hand, it is completely fine, just go behind your back with two hands, and flip it over
and come back out. It does not make any difference. It just looks more impressive with one hand,
so you might want to practice it. So, anyway the trick is basically done after you flip
the card back over so, they are facing the same direction except for the selection. You
just ask them do you want your card face up or face down; and if they say face down, you
want to keep deck face up. And if they say, I want the card face up, you are just going
to flip it to him and hand it him face down, so that their selection is the only one face
up. You want to hand it to them, instead of going through yourself, because if they find
their card and they discover face up and face down themselves, it is 90% more effective
than if you found it for him. Most magicians do not understand that part of it but if you
just let them take reign and, go find their card, it is a lot more impressive.

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