Hi! I’m Malik the Magic Guy for Expert Village.
I want to show you that cool three card prediction with the three 6’s using the force card.
Now you can do this with a shuffled deck, and I’m going to show you how to do that;
I’m not going to use the 6’s again. But here’s what you want to do. As you’re
going through your deck, you just want to sight what the top card of the deck is: in
this case it’s the 3 of spades. So as I’m going through the deck, I’m just going to
pull out the other three cards that are 3’s, so the 3 of hearts, 3 of diamonds, and the
3 of clubs, and I’m just going to pull those out and set them aside. And now for this probably
the cross cut force or the cut deeper force that we used would be a better choice, so
we’re going to use the cut deeper force. Go ahead Mr. Hand, cut off a small portion
of cards there, flip them over just like that, put them back on top of the deck, cut a little
deeper than the first time, flip those over, put them on top of the deck. So now what I’ve
done is I forced the other three on Mr. Hand, and we go through just like that. He’ll
take the first face down card, and that will be the other 3. And he can lay that, and I
can say I knew you were going to pick that card, because I pulled out the other 3’s
in advance. And that’s a real nice finish to a trick that leaves you with some matching
cards on the table; and that’s a great way to use the cross cut force or the cut deeper

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