Magic Tricks: Card Forcing : Card Forcing in Card Magic

Hi everybody! Malik the Magic Guy for
Now I’m going to teach you a very, very powerful tool in card magic. I’m going to
teach you about forcing cards. Now there are probably four or five hundred different ways
to force cards—there’s just so many—and what forcing basically is, is making somebody
pick the card you want them to pick when they don’t know they’re picking it. I’m going
to show you a few different methods to do it. Most of them are going to be a way where
we can go through a selection process, and this will be an example of one. I’ll show
you that we would cut the cards. And when they go through, we would know that they selected
the 9 of hearts because we made them pick it. So I’m going to show you a bunch of
different ways to do that: now some of these are going to be ones that you can do without
touching the deck, I’m even going to show you a way to force a card without actually
using the card itself. I’m going to show you a way to force cards using dice, I’m
going to talk to you about some other ideas on how to make them pick the cards you want
them to pick. It’s going to put a lot of powerful scenarios in your hands, and I’ll
tell you about those as well.


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