Magic Tricks at the Office : Tips for Spoon Bending Office Magic Tricks

Hi everybody now I’m going to show you the
bending spoon part of the segment that we just did. Get yourself a spoon this really
works with a metal spoon so again if your office has a kitchen or a break room and there’s
some silverware laying around this is a fun trick to do. It does work with a fork as well
I like it with a spoon, now your going to grip the spoon in your hand between your ring
finger and little finger like this, this sort of pivot thing here is what’s going to make
the whole trick work. Now I’m going to come over the other side to see what happens normally
your going to have your hand kind of like this but I’m just use one hand I’m going to
take this hand away so you can see what’s going on. Now I’m going to press down on the
bow of the spoon I’m going to let go with my thumb and it’s going to pivot down like
that, see just like that. So with my other hand in front if we press down on that it
looks like the spoon is bending you can either you know go like that, show them it didn’t
bend if you kind of want to play it off as a joke not really want I recommend you know
if want to do it you can you know do one of these and let it form again. One cool pro
tip is take a nickel and you pinch it between your thumb and your first finger like this
you don’t let anyone see that but what happens is when you do that it looks like it’s the
end of the spoon in your hand like that. That looks like the end of the spoon handle right
there, nobody’s checking out the spoon that quickly so that they can you know your really
cranked down on it. You can do one of these hold the nickel back on your hand don’t let
them see that cause that sort of ruin’s the trick. And I’m going to show you the floating
spoon here in just a second but that bending spoon have fun with that.

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