Magic Trick – David Lopez

Wait, wait, wait. What is it? A baby! Yeah, you didn’t see
that one coming, did you? I can’t believe you let David
do magic at your son’s party. He really, really wanted
to do it. – He paid me.
– And for my last trick, I’m gonna need a volunteer. And it’s gonna be a dad.
Come on! So, this is going to be a great
new trick. What I need you to do… is I need you, pick any card
you want. Don’t show me! You see it?
Memorize it. – I got it.
– Is memorized? – Yes.
– You are not gonna forget? – No.
– You don’t have Alzheimer’s? Okay, put it back in the–
in the pile. – Is it in there?
– It’s in there. Okay! All right. So I saw this trick
on YouTube, and I’m pretty sure I got this. All right? Don’t be alarm. Because, this… is your card. That’s not my card. Okay. Just one more time.
Not big deal. Agh, okay. This, is your card. Still not my card. Son of a gun!
Agh! Okay! Third time, third time is the charm. I’m gonna get it. I’m–I’m gonna get it, okay? Houdini. Okay. Agh! This– this is your card. Okay. Please, please. This is your card, right? I’m sorry, man. One more time. Houdini! Houdini! Okay, David, stop.
Stop! I–I have a confession to make. The first card may have actually
been my card, I forgot what it was right away. Why didn’t you tell me that the
seventh time I stabbed myself? Well, first I was embarrased. And then, I thought it was
still a trick. I didn’t want you to get mad
at me. – Oh, no!
– But, uh. – I’m not mad.
– I’m really sorry, man. It’s okay. – It’s okay.
– He’s sorry. He is sorry. Sorry this. Yeah! All right, guys,
we got it this time.


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