there are many popular decks and
mechanics and magic the gathering but none possibly as noticeable as burn it
has been a staple in all format since the beginning of Magic the Gathering
responsible for some great decks and victories today’s video we’re going to
list our top eight burn spells shard volley this card was printed in morning
tide and has been in play in multiple formats its ability reads as additional
costs to cast our volley sacrifice a land shard volley deals three damage to
target creature or player this is an incredibly powerful card that is
versatile and its ability to target a creature or a player three damage is the
same as a lightning motes the only reason that this makes it to eight and
not further down the list it is due to the fact that many burn decks do not run
many lands so sacrificing one can be a huge blow back later in the game number seven searing blaze originally
printed in world wake it has also been seen in both formats and is a staple at
the Burrow score Naya burned eggs today the card reads serene Blaisdell
undamaged attorney player creature that player controls landfill
if you had the land entered the battlefield under your control this
tournament serene blazed has any damage to him play
and three damage to that creature instead it can remove a creature and
deal damage to a player useful as a removal and it deals direct damage a
great card in any burn deck number six skull crack when this gatecrash card
came out I just started playing magic so my first deck I ever used was a burn
deck and leave needless to say this card made its way into my deck the card reads
players can’t gain life this turn damage can’t be prevented this turn skull crack
deals three damage to target player one of burns most annoying cards the play
against or any card that makes players gain life and this card will be sure to
nip that in the bud making it a great addition to any burn deck number five
lava spike’ this card was originally printed in champions of Kamogawa and has
since then been printed in modern masters the card reads lava spike’ deals
three damage to target player doing three damage for only one man as
powerful really powerful this card is pretty much an every burn deck you can
make the only drawback apart from it being a sorcery is that it only targets
players and not creatures – with that being said still one of the greatest
burn cards ever printed number four rift bolt’ the original came
out in Time Spiral but has since been reprinted quite a few times in various
sets the card reads rift bolt’ deals three damage to target creature or
player suspend one rather than cast this card from your hand you may pay one red
mana and eggs eyelets and put a time counter on it at the beginning of your
upkeep remove a time counter when that last one is removed cast it without
playing its mana cost similar to lava spike’ it deals three damage to
potentially one for one mana but the downside is that you have to wait one
whole turn if it’s suspended but this card in some ways is better than lava
spike’ because you can target players and creatures this card is great
addition and any burned deck number three
lightning helix originally printed in rabbinic ascent the card reads lightning
helix deals three damage to target creature or player and you gain three
life the additional life game come in handy sure it’s only three damage for
two mana but it’s an at instant speed and you can give a six point swing this
is iconic burn staple and is currently being played in nya and Boros burn decks
water worth splashing the extra white man number two Boros charmed printed and
gatecrash this card reads choose one Burroughs charm to his for damage to
target Blair permanence new control gate indestructible to return and target
creature gains double standards of miniature the versatility is enough for
to be seen in many decks not just burn unlike other burn decks on this or burn
cards rather I say on this list it deals four damage instead of three this is the
only card in the burn tool box that will allow you to do four damage for two mana
one of the greatest burn cards ever printed number one
lightning bolt arguably the most iconic card ever printed in magic and has been
printed many sets across magics history the card simply reads lightning bolt
deals three damage to target creature or player this is easily the most powerful
tool in a burn players toolbox highly versatile and at instant speed this card
sees play a variety of decks and variety of formats and modern part from burn it
truly is one of the greatest cards ever printed in Magic’s history and will stay
that way for a very long time


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