Magic Prank: Learn to Levitate (REVEALED)

(upbeat music) – I’m going to show you one
of the most popular tricks that I do, and any one of
you can do this one at home. It’s not that complicated. You can fool your friends or
fool everybody at the Walmart. Here’s how it works. You tell them watch, I am
going to do a classic of magic, the levitating metal ball. Watch the ball; watch. Come here, yep, back and forth, whoa. The levitating metal ball. Now, here is how all of you can learn how to do the levitating metal ball. You see all you need is a
little bit of acting and one of these. That’s right, a regular ladle. The audience can’t see the back of it. They don’t know that
it’s not a complete ball. They just see the front, so
obviously you have to do this with people looking straight on to you. But all you do is slip it up your sleeve, you do need long sleeves for this one, tuck it in, and then
hide the back of the ball with your hand, bring it out,
do a little bit of acting. I like to blow and go back and forth and up and down, forward, backwards. A little practice in the mirror and you will fool all of your friends. This is a very easy magic trick that every single one of
you can learn to do at home. Trust me, if you do this at a
Walmart, people will go crazy. So, enjoy the mystery of
the floating metal ball.

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