Magic Cards? and MAGIC? Thrift Store Buy

all right I made an appearance to the
thrift store to buy some magic cards I know you’re thinking these aren’t the
magic cards you typically like to buy but I thought there’s three decks in
here what’s that one in the middle elspeth versus to cure even if this is
just half the deck for $3 price tag I think it will be worth it so we’re gonna
crack this open and see what is inside is it’s actually the deck or is it just
some randomness so we got here it’s a magic deck just got cards inside it’s
the else by forces cure which is the one we wanted and some playing cards of some
sort yeah all right well let’s crack this open cuz this is what we wanted
okay Oh son of a really it’s you yeah it’s what I feared is it all you you Oh
No look at that no it is Magic cards okay well I’m a lot happier now let’s
see if it is the deck okay well that is the symbol I believe of the duel deck oh
there’s one other card anair get out okay put that behind alright let’s go
through it so we got son Lance okay through those dictate of hell Yod nice
captain of the watch precinct captain that’s a rare – Gus cloaks Savior
another rare mother of ruins that’s like a few bucks uncommon this pretty much
pays for the entire pack already so pretty happy about that decree of
Justice veteran armor so at least that would suck we didn’t even have the
planes Locker at an armor Smith Lux is on pair Partizan looks nonpartisan again
if their arms or Smith to those dust cloak harrier to those ah there we go
thank God I was gonna say this thing is about I think it’s over $10 now so very
pricey for dual deck I guess yeah yeah it’s not too bad it’s
gonna be a little bit of light play yeah pretty good have you got two kins Bale
skirmisher Court Street Denison Gus clothes gonna sure Gus cloaks Sentinel
manager priest got a soldier token they’re a bunch of planes
another soldier token more planes Sol Perry so this this pretty much looks
like it is that completes deck raise the alarm more planes gem pommes Avenger
originally printed in legions ooh to secluded steps noble Templar Plains
Piketty in a cat seein javelin a years or guys standing troops another one more
planes and mortals are der okay and then we got dominated your own okay so this
is a not from elspeth versus cure this is from the sender car versus cell drazi
I believe and swamp from the same set mighty leap this one’s from the elspeth
one raise the alarm celestial flare dauntless onslaught and
a course sky for sure to lat to wrap things up nicely for this box opening
that’s pretty cool for three dollars definitely worth it that’s why I always
go I least have once a week I’ll try to pick up something Magic the Gathering
related from the thrift store yeah and this is why I do pass up on
some things if once in a while if I’ll go to thrift store and I’m just kind of
flipping through sometimes you can kind of like go through a pack slightly and
just kind of go like this to see if there’s any rares anything shiny at the
bottom the hologram foil but this time they actually had some decent you know
it was a gamble again but I was pretty certain it had the whole deck in there
because it just seemed I had a place to be beside to magic deck so I mean it
came with a yugioh card two black black winged strafe yeah but not too bad I’m
pretty happy about it what do you guys think this is just a good purchase for
three dollars let me know and I’ll see you in the next video


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