Magic Card Tricks

Hi Guys!
I’m Back! You can see from the last video, I screwed
up badly for my magic trick. Yeah, Yeah.
Ok, so today, now i mean now I’m gonna show you a new, a better, a great,
a fantastic, a very good trick that you can fool your friends with.
Its actually quite simple, yeah. Ok, let’s get right to it.
Pick…. I need a volunteer to pick a card for me
Hmmm…. Maybe you there
Huh Come up now Just come up
I said now
Pick up please Eh come on la pick la
How long do you wanna wait Huh Christmas?
Huh Chinese New Year? Huh Pick
Ok, Ok Chill Chillax, you picked two cards
Which one do you want? Ok, everyone
watch Ok, so
this deck That’s all i have
cut watch,
if you
see your card, just dont say anything yeah
if you can watch
I’m afraid, this will black off I mean off by itself
so, better hurry hurry, hurry
hurry, hurry ok, by now, you should have
seen your card so,
this card i mean the next card
i flip will be your card
i can bet you $100 you on
you want ok its on
watch you owe me $100
sign off peace guys

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