Magic Card Tricks for Beginners : Introduction to Magic Card Tricks

Good evening! My name is Wayne Phelps and
I am a professional magician. Tonight I represent Expert I have been doing magic
professionally for the past seven years. I am a member of the Academy of Magical Arts
and The Society of American Magicians. Tonight I want to show you some of the secrets of
the inner circles. I am going to teach you how to do basic card magic. We are going to
start off with some simple cuts and shuffles, false cuts and flourishes. Afterwards I would
like to teach you how to top retention of the card (selected or otherwise) a bottom
retention and then we are going to go through this step by step; I am going to break it
down for you. I am going to show you how the tricks are done. I am going to show you the
techniques involved behind this and then we are going to go in and check out a simple
card levitation called Pinkie Does It. It’s a wonderful effect and you are going to love
it. I want to focus a little bit more on card forces. A card force is a technique in which
you use to make sure your spectator selects the card you want them to select. By using
cards you can force a single card on a spectator and already know in advance what card they
will select. I am going to teach you a slip force tonight. I am also going to teach you
a Hindu force as well as a Hindu color change which is a brilliant trick using a Hindu shuffle.
I am going to even teach you a little bit a Hindu glimpse – a technique used with a
key card. Key cards are cards you know in advance that you use in card magic to find
spectators cards. I am going to show you a simple trick called the Paul’s trick. It
utilizes a key card and your poker players are going to love it. Finally I am going to
end with a card prediction. This magic trick I have been doing for years blows the minds
of everyone I do it for. You are going to love it as well. So get yourself a deck of
cards and get ready to check this out.

  1. There is absolutely NO WAY that this lying douche is a memeber of the academy of magical arts or s.a.m. or i.b.m. or any other magical society. Well he could be if the admissions for those societys is more lax than I would assume. But there is no way he is a professional magician. HE IS AWFUL.

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