Magic Card Tricks for Beginners : Hindu Color Change Magic Card Trick

My name is Wayne Phelps. I am a professional
magician and this is Expert Check this out; this is a really cool trick. This
is called the Hindu color change. It uses the Hindu shuffle. Take a blue deck and all
you do is just shuffle the cards up. It is pretty cool. Deck is blue and does not matter
when the spectator says stop; when they do simply take the remaining deck put it down,
snap your fingers over the cards and something magical happens. The entire blue deck turns
red. This is how the trick works. Really all you need is a single blue card and an entire
red plain deck of cards. The blue card goes on top of the deck right here. You do a Hindu
shuffle to show that bottom card over and over again, just like this. You flash that
bottom blue card about four or five times just to establish that the entire deck is
blue. You can do this or if you have a spectator say stop whenever they want you to stop. When
you are done, snap your fingers over the cards and spread the top half of the deck showing
the red cards. Do not flash the bottom card because it is blue; you do not want them to
see that. Once you show the deck completely red, close the deck up and you are ready to
move on to your next trick. You have just performed a miraculous color change and all
you did was a Hindu shuffle, and that is the Hindu color change.


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