My name is Wayne Phelps. I am a professional
magician and this is Expert What I am going to show you is a card routine known
as the ambitious card routine. This utilizes a lot of techniques we have learned tonight,
so pay close attention. Any card is selected from the deck; we are going to use the jack
of diamonds. Now what happens is the jack of diamonds is placed face down on the deck.
The jack is peeled off and is lost about halfway down the deck and is pushed in. The cards
are set down on the table, a snap of the fingers is given and something magical takes place.
The jack magically comes straight back to the top of the deck which is pretty impressive.
Now what can happen is the jack is also turned back face down, that is given a quick shuffle
and the card that pops out it shows not the jack, we can do a riffle does not matter.
The bottom card is peeled off and it is stuck in the middle of the deck to show the jack
isn’t down there and the jack isn’t in the top cards either. Where is the jack? Well,
what we do know is the bottom card is a jack of clubs which we can sit and put on the table
right there. I am going to give that a cut something happens. In the middle of the deck
the jack clubs pops up leaving us one question that is the jack clubs. What is down here,
ah, it is jack of diamonds, the infamous jack of diamonds. It is just pretty amazing. Finally
the jack of diamonds is put back on the face of the deck. The deck is given one more riffle,
the jack is lost in the middle and this time the jack simply does a real turn and goes
back into the deck, one more snap of the fingers and the jack returns to the top one last time.
That is the ambitious card routine.

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