Magic Archer (Clash Royale) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hey guys and welcome to another Polymer Clay Tutorial! Today we are going to create the Magic Archer from Clash Royale and I will tell you what Supercell isn’t telling you the real background story about this guy! Out of nowhere Supercell released a new legendary card for the game Clash Royale. This is why we will create a Magic Archer today and as you know you will get exclusive insights about this character in the background story. Let’s start with the name of the Magic Archer. It’s Arthur. The Magic Archer Arthur and his magical weapon. And did you know that his arrow was once stolen from the Royal Ghost? Well, you didn’t know because I wasn’t’ telling you. I made it up. and I will tell you the background story in a minute, but let’s focus on the creation. As we already finished the head and I didn’t even talk about it. This is the torso! I used dark green as filling for this polymer clay creation and when you notice the character, the Magic Archer Arthur, you see that he is wearing another green vest and well, you just achieve it by using different colors, different kinds of green and these connection parts, it’s another type of green. Well the belt is pretty simple as always on the Clash Royale characters. It’s brown! I can’t think of a character which has another color than brown for his belt. And for the belt buckle… Sorry. There is this golden triangle and you will find this triangle one further time when we attach the cloak. Well there are two further triangles. Let’s put the face onto the torso and I’m not sure if you have noticed it I put this face into the oven for just 10 minutes that it isn’t soft anymore and that I wouldn’t destroy the face or the nose. And now we can easily attach the hair. I think on most of the images the hair is just white but I decided to include some gray as well, because I thought this would look more alive and interesting. Now we are mixing brighter brown for his gloves and these are special gloves as they are created for shooting with a bow. So your fingers are free, but you still have the most protection. The fingernails and we will attach the hand. Well the position his arm is holding Arthur is holding his arm was pretty difficult I looked at some images from people shooting with bow and arrow and this is the way I decided that he should look like. Now the feet and legs are very simple as you only have to take some brown and we will put them into the oven for oven hardening and after that we will attach them to the torso and to the body. Now this is translucent clay. This means this bright blue clay will get a bit transparent after baking in the oven. I’m looking forward to see the end result. We will glue these parts, but for now let’s go into the oven! Freshly baked Arthur the Magic Archer! I promised you I would tell the whole background story. Here we go! Arthur the Magic Archer was born centuries ago during the reign of the old king Luke who later became the Royal Ghost. I told you in the tutorial about the Royal Ghost that he died on his throne. But did you know that he died because of this young magician who pretended to be an archer? He was so bad at shooting arrows. He missed his target by miles! One day one of his arrows which should have killed the pig flew into the castle and killed the King while he was sitting on the toilet. Later it was told he died while sitting on the throne. Well to destroy the evidence… We are going into the oven again. To destroy evidence Arthur the Magic Archer fetched his arrow pulled it out of the dead body and during this moment not only did the king become ghost, but also the arrow. And now the arrow can fly through any material as it is a ghost arrow! This is the whole background story of the Magic Archer and his arrow. This is the last step for today’s tutorial. Well the color isn’t exactly matching, but I think it looks great anyway to combine different materials. Before this tutorial’s over please participate in the poll and I guess… That’s it! The Magic Archer Arthur! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial of the Magic Arthur. Magic Archer Arthur. For me it was pretty great creating this detailed character. Subscribe to my channel if you want to see more videos like this. Just click there. I guess that’s it for today. Thanks a lot for watching. Have a great weekend! Take care. Bye! ‘Now let’s shoot this pig over there.’ Oh, Luke…

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