1. Oh my how fun I’m sure gonna try this one! Thank you for giving such clear easy directions… hoping even I can do it! Thank you Jennifer!

  2. I’m so happy to see all of your wonderful videos. Thank you for taking the time to create all of these. I know it must be very time consuming.

  3. Dear Jennifer, thanks again for your wonderful work you are sharing with us. But is it please possible that you write it in cm here or on your blog? In Europe we have cm instead of Inch and it is hard to reproduce this card. Many thanks and hugs from Ludi, Vienna,Austria

  4. I LOVE slider cards! It’s been so long since I’ve made one. Thanks for the reminder, the inspiration, and the instructions! ❤️

  5. thank you for this adorable interactive card that anyone can make so easily without special dies! I see this as a card I can make for so many of my young relatives for their Halloween cards!

  6. Jennifer, this is such a cute card ! LOVE LOVE LOVE your videos ! You are my FAVORITE person to watch to learn card techniques !

  7. Big Thanks To You too, for knocking the "scary" right out of this sweet interactive card. I think even a dork like me can do this one.

  8. Love your cards, Jennifer! Though in your voice over you said that Lawn Fawn created the stamp set in honor of Hero Arts 45th WEDDING aniversary!? I believe you meant to say 45th year in business! Sorry to call you out on that boo-boo. Still love your videos and all your wonderful ideas

  9. Very nice interactive card! I was ready to settle down to watch your video and it was over quickly! So very much enjoy your creative tutorials! Thanks Jennifer! God bless!!!!

  10. Thank you gor this video. I've been wanting to make one of these cards. Loved your super easy to follow tutorial that I made one right away 😊

  11. This is such a fun interactive card! Thank you for finding a way to make this without a special interactive die. You are truly AMAZING! I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS AND… I AM A VERY LOYAL FAN!

  12. Brilliant idea. I need a couple cute quick birthday cards.
    This will take me an hour, but you make it look so easy! Of course having all of those handy tools helps, like the die cutting tool.
    Can you do some videos sans dies? For those of us who have not? That would be so amazing because you are so clever and creative! TFS💛

  13. Hello, friends! Yes, I apparently said "45th wedding anniversary"… I meant birthday. Sigh. I guess i was frazzled. 🙂 Sorry!

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