LOTR: The Istari (Wizards)

In the Third Age of Middle Earth, 5 wizards
were sent from across the sea. The Istari as their order was called, were
Maiar Spirits, sent by the Valar of Valinor, to keep watch over the free peoples of Middle
Earth and aid them where possible against the rising spirit of the Dark Lord Sauron. Although the threat of Sauron was great, the
Valinor had already seen the tragic consequences of direct interference at the end of the First
Age, when they brought their might against Morgoth resulting in the destruction of Beleriand,
and reshaping of the world. They also knew of the corruption and lust
for power that could result from even the Maiar’s use of magic, as evidenced by Sauron
who was once a Maia of Valinor before falling to darkness. And so the Valar chose to help Middle Earth
by sending the Istari but forbidding them from using their full strength or using their
powers directly against the Dark Lord. They also took the form of old men, so they
could speak to Elves and Men as equals, to win their trust. The Leader of their order, Saruman the White,
originally known as Curumo, was sent by the Vala Aule and was considered a wise and respected
figure in Middle Earth, even made leader of the White Council, a group of powerful Elves
and Wizards formed to challenge the growing power of Sauron. However Saruman ultimately became corrupted
by his lust for power, believing he could ally with Sauron against the Free Peoples
in order to seize the One Ring for himself. However his treachery was discovered both
by the White Council and Sauron, leading to his ultimate defeat. Yet he survived the war of the ring, though
brought low, and so ended his days as small time crime boss in the Shire, killed by his
minion Grima Wormtongue on the front steps of Bag End. When he died his spirit sought to travel east
to Valinor, but was blown away by a strong wind, forbidden from returning. Called Olorin in elder days, Gandalf the Grey
was sent by Manwe, but was also a pupil of Varda, Nienna and Irmo. He was the most kindhearted and humble of
the Istari, and so had to be ordered to join them as he initially believed himself too
weak and frightened of Sauron to be of any use on their mission. Yet he would go on to become the most pivotal
leader in the fight against Sauron, proving a master strategist in the war of the ring. He would die fighting a Balrog of Moria only
to be reborn as Gandalf the White, to replace Saruman the betrayer as leader of their order. When peace was at last restored, he left Middle
Earth with the Elves and the Hobbit Ringbearers Bilbo and Frodo, finally returning to his
homeland of Valinor. Once known as Aiwendil, Radagast the Brown
was not originally to be sent with the Istari but was included at the insistence of Yavanna,
so he could spent his days looking after the plant and animal life of the West, tending
to the children of Yavanna and aiding Gandalf and Saruman before the betrayal, whenever
possible. Originally known as Alatar and Pallando. Only Alatar was asked to join the great venture,
yet the great friendship he had with Pallando allowed for both to go. They were sent by Orome and later became known
as the blue wizards Morinehtar and Rómestámo. Although little is known about their purpose
or reasoning, the blue wizards journeyed to the east of Middle Earth, where it is believed
they fought against Sauron in their own ways and may have played pivotal roles in fighting
back against his dark armies to ensure they could not attack the West with their full
strength. But there are also tales of great cults of
magic being started by the wizards and their ultimate fate, remains unknown.

  1. I didn't know that the Blue wizards were ever identified by name. I've read LotR, the appendices and The Silmarillion, and as far as I remember their names weren't given in any of them. Did I miss it? Or is the source for that from something else?

  2. why do Elrond & Galadriel call Gandalf Mithrandir? what does it mean & where did that name come from?

  3. So the blue wizards possibly started a great magical cult, but how? Are that normal humans that can use spells? Cuz i haven't heard of a human using magic

  4. Could you please add your sources in the description?
    I've read both LOTR and TS as well as UT, TCOH and most of HOME but can't ever remember having read the names of the blue wizards.
    Great video though.

    But good references are paramount. 😉

  5. i have a question, at the end of the hobbit gandalf days to bilbo that he knows about the one ring. why doenst he destroy the ring right after he finds it out

  6. why even mention the Blue wizards? They were no where in the entire story and did nothing that anyone knows. it's dumb even saying they exist. I wonder if any humans can just venture to Valinor like Columbus or the Vikings. I could see the prejudice against immortals and war out of jealousy of them.

  7. Love your channel. Great voice. One question, why did Bilbo actually go on the adventure in the first place? Gandalf did pressure him with some information about his "brave" recitatives in some type of "war with the Orcs" or some such information. It seems such a break in his character to go along. It just seems odd for Gandalf to show up and see Bilbo and think, "Yep, he's the guy we need to make this happen".

  8. Can someone refresh my memory, when Maiar like Sauron and Saruman are destroyed do they go to the Halls of Mandos or are their spirits so diminished that they just end up in limbo until Eru decides to do something with them? In the books there is no definitive answer to this as far as I could extrapolate from the Trilogy or the Silmarillion.

  9. Some other key points like Cirdan giving Gandalf Narya The Great as he foresaw his path and Galadriel initially wanting to give Gandalf the chief spot on the white council. Another important point is that Sauron was also originally a Maiar of Aule and also that there is a hidden connection between Olorin and Galadriel – Olorin was the Maiar of Irmo who was later known as Lorien and ruled over greatly the same forest where Galadriel kept her world largely uninflected by the rest of ME – a dream land so to speak – dreams being what Irmo was chiefest of.

  10. Very interesting to know about the Blue Wizards. There needs to be more details about their journey far into the East. What lands and civilizations did they find in the far East? What did they do? What were their fates?

  11. so the blue wizards are literally pointless? And if they were not suppose to battle sauron directly, then what happen with the white council at dolgudor vs sauron and the ring wraths?

  12. "When he died, his spirit sought to travel West to Valinor, but was blown away by a strong wind."
    That line.. and the accompanying animation is so fucking funny to me.

  13. Maiar are immortal so why would Gandalf be afraid of Sauron? Sauron had died multiple times each time his spirit would get weaker Gandalf however had passage back to Valor whenever he died, can some explain to me why he was scared?

  14. oh boy do i want a movie about the blue wizards. like they've been turned evil hearted by sauronjust like saruman and will resurrect sauron with his end game, that'd be dope

  15. I wonder why do Lady Galadriel call Gandalf for Mithrandil? Does it means my friend or I know that Galadriel very found with Gandalf and act him like she was love in him then Celeborn. I hear mithrandil sounds like Mithril as was a elvish material that Dwarves used for unbreakable armor that no sword or blades was able to stab through the hard unbreakable defence.

  16. Correct me if im wrong, the only mention of what happened to the blue wizards anywhere was on the game shadow of mordor, which obviously wasnt written by tolkien so its not true to his story. The game states that the black hand of sauron, brought sauron the heads of two blue wizards amd thats why the black hand was so high in the rankings of saurons army

  17. We need more movies about this world. So much potential! They made billions, and would make billions more.

  18. in shadow of mordor it is said one of saurons captains brought two heads of the Istari to sauron as a gift so… that may be the fate of the two blue wizards.

  19. I never understood how Gandalf came back until now. I read the trilogy as a kid and I guess all this went over my head at the time.

  20. i want to know more details. i have heard the wizards are like angels. i just want to know more. i liked the video and im gonna start watching more.

  21. I'd like to think the Blue Wizards contributed to the decline in goblins but I don't know, but I do enjoy using my imagination about them.

  22. Something that interests me about these wizards is that they were born the way they are. Which shattered my initial impression of gandalf and saruman as being powerful humans.

  23. The wizards alone are complex enough. Imagine the rest of this epic story. How the heck did Tolkien keep track of all that? He must have had books full of notes, maps, charts, diagrams and timelines just to make sense of his stories.

  24. The Blue Wizards. I think they really helped the West. They turn Sauron 's attention to the East to secure his hold as the Two Wizards stir rebellion. The two Blues perhaps are hunted constantly by the Nazgul and they asked Saruman to return for he is the leader. Radagast…He could be written differently like spurned into action after Saruman started burning the Fangorn Forest and tries to rally the Ents but the Ents are slow in thought and action, that where the Hobbit Peregin and Meriadoc comes in.

  25. Why would Tolkien bother to include the two blue wizards when they literally do nothing? Seems like a plot line that he completely abandoned and hoped we would forget

  26. dont really thing Tolken wanted you to pronounce those names with such a spanish flair, but its cute and im still watching XD

  27. 1:55 Poor, kind hearted Olorin/Gandalf…

    *third age Manwe's, palace*

    Manwe: -and so good Olorin, we task you with this GREAT mission….

    Olorin: Wh…wwwhhhy…ME! I'm n-no wa…*gulps* warrior…my lord. Oooh I beseech THE, PLEASE let this b-be a mere jest…with all do respects I-

    Manwe: Olorin! I know it's much to ask but WE felt you were among the best "qualified" for the task.

    Olorin: "WE"…whom else thinks I SHOULD GO?!

    Manwe: Well…well let's see…Oh! First there's Irmo, then Varda and finally Nienna…yes Nienna, was especially adamant about sending you.

    Olorin: ……. *looks pale* wha-weeellll….I-I guess I be-better GO then!

    Manwe: You alright?

    *Olorin faints*

    Manwe: huh…guess we can faint.

    *end scene*

    p.s. Funny to know the one Istari that didn't want to go the most ended up being the only one that did their job! (unknown if the blues actually accomplished their mission)

  28. I like to think the friends, the blue wizard's did succeed in keeping the power of Souron in check. How they did so may have been through these "cults of magic", kinda like freedom fighters (but maybe with some clever "tricks") among the good peoples (yes they exist!) of the east and far east.

  29. Valar logic: okay we're sending you to fight against Sauron the most powerful Maiar but you're not allowed to use your power

  30. Should be noted that they were restrained in their power because the fight for middle-Earth was the fight of men in the third age. It was their challenge to overcome. Without the valley there can be no mountaintop.

  31. I thought the blue wizards were sent before everyone else to hunt down morgoth and free the people of the East from the cults of morgoth, but failed. It's in the Tolkien letters, so canon or nah?

  32. So the maiar are shape shifters? Why would Sauron take on such a vulnerable form as a man? Why not be an entity?

  33. Wait, what if someone in modern times wrote a book describing the blue wizards? Maybe it can be a sequel describing what happened to them. Although I bet people would be divided on it, some saying only Tolkien can write lord of the rings, and some saying it should be done.

  34. Why would the Valar limit the Maiars' power 'against' Sauron but not anyting else? should it be just the opposite?

  35. Am i the only one who gets triggered from of this dude spreading information from the books to these normie movie fans?

  36. Gandalf was of the Maiar of Irmo, as evidenced by his power of planting dreams and visions in the minds of those who hearkened to him. However, he was drawn most to the Halls of Nienna where he learned much wisdom. When the Valar were deciding who would go, it was Varda who asked where he was. He was to be sent last, but at that Mandos spoke and said "not the last", and Saruman never forgot that. When he arrived last and alone, Cirdan the Farsighted saw that Gandalf would prove to be the greatest and so surrendered his Ring. "Take this Ring, for it is the Ring of Fire, and with it you may yet kindle hearts in a world that has grown cold"

  37. Gandalf the white, Saruman the white wizard of Isengard, Galadriel the white lady of Lothlorien… The white council… I'm starting to sense a patern here Tolkien

  38. It was said that Tolkien was going to write many books about middle earth, but he just didn’t have enough years left of his life, Tolkien would’ve written about the fate of the two blue wizards

  39. Sauron was a worker for Aulë before he fell to the influence of Melkor. But Aulë’s teachings helped him to the construction of Barad-dûr and the forging of the One Ring to Rule them All

  40. Hearing that Gandalf was actually nervous about journeying to middle earth and was afraid of Sauron makes his friendship with the Hobbits more fitting really… I mean Gandalf basically knew how Frodo and Bilbo were feeling when they set out on their adventures

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