LOOK OUT FOR THE… – Sorcerer 2.1.1 – Adventures in Open Siege #44

What’s up and welcome back everybody.
This is Redthorn coming at you with another video for the game Lineage 2:
Revolution. in today’s episode we have Adventures in Open Siege #44 as… This job or class. I always call it a job.
This class was requested by Lysy. Lysy is currently in-between clans but thank you for requesting this class. Aall right. Sorcerer, my class, the one that I play on a daily basis in this game. Molten Bowl, Volcano, Boost Mana. First class transfer skills. Staple magic user skills here. Missile Bolt and Meteor Shower. Okay… All right, so… Shouts out to [email protected]… Ikarium, Spacette and Shadyknoll who are
in my party. Let’s see who has been talking… Hornswaggler, jbab, SplatMastah. Menes or Men-es, I guess that depends
on how you…or how he or she wants it to Shouts out to all those individuals. All right, looking around at…there is our leader who has not moved or said anything. Usual hodgepodge of clans here. See if anybody has moved over… to our non-spawn gate. Yes they have. That’s a good sign, there’s a few here. Shout out to all the clans who are on my
team. And a shout out to everybody who actually participates. By the way, if anybody has seen my earlier video from today… The upcoming update or patch, however you want to call it… They will be including Orc in Open Siege. So that’s three more classes that everyone gets to choose from for me to play. And it looks like Havoc is on the other team. That is not a good sign. At all. But here we go, Adventures in Open Siege #44 as a Sorcerer, by request. And I forgot to turn Soulshots on. Oh,
but I’ll take that kill. Haha just as I turned on Soulshots. All right both sides have been interrupted. And we got…no we did not get ours. I thought I was on red team, I guess I’m not. Well, that’s not looking good. Oh we took that kill on melee, that is outstanding. And they… Oh, another melee killed as a magic user, that is outstanding. They are interrupting the hell out of us. Ah, I’m stunned… *Unintelligible moans and grunts* Boy we cannot stop this onslaught right
now. They are totally…this is…I think this is a loss. I think this is a loss. On my class too. That is sad. We cannot…it doesn’t seem…we got people standing here. What is this, [email protected], somebody on my team for crying out loud. Eorzea, move your a*s! We are still trying to get it though and we are still getting interrupted. Ahhh, I’m no good I’m no good. Without…without skills. And we are trying to get it and they are totally stopping us. Geez. Somebody came down here and tried
to work on our…on our spawn gate. Hha well, I got a Volcano off at least. Yes, AFKs do suck. Red team’s getting ours now. Argh, I couldn’t even get a kill from all of that. But my Meteor Shower is almost up. Missile Bolt!…Oh! Got em. Oh! There’s 2 more, outstanding. Boy, I’m telling you, he may be a glass cannon, but he does a lot of damage. Because he’s a glass cannon. Well…not looking good here. Hit somebody, And died before I could even get that
Volcano off. That’s terrible. Look at this, what are you all standing around for?? Oh, he’s trying to lead. Well good for him, for the attempt at least. Haha, got another one, on a random. Ah that was…no backup though, unfortunately. Can’t do anything about that. Well, we’re at least making it a good fight. Although, not that great. I need to wait for…Boost Mana here. Where?? What…I’m over here pushing… this way and he’s shooting down that way I don’t get it. How many kills do I have? I’ve got seven. That’s not bad on another crap team. And knocked down, couldn’t get a kill on any of that. I need to get 3 more. Wonder if I can get 3 more. Wow. Five hits and somebody took the last hit for the kill. Just throwing it out there, no reason. I took a look at… the teams who won the bids for Fortress Siege tomorrow. there are a lot of good fights I don’t even
know who to choose from I’m gonna have to ask my, my Redthornites. Ah, I wanted that. Let’s go I’m hitting the button here. Ah, I walked right into that because I got slowed. Unbelievable. All right, this is…I mean obviously this is a loss. *Sigh* I’m just trying to get to 10 kills. I don’t know why I’m doing that. I keep hoping there’s somebody’s going to be there. Hey there’s #8. I took a beating for that though. I think that’s all we’re doing right now is just trying to get kills. I gotta…I gotta Meteor Shower up. But I have no health. Come on. These freaking timers are killing me. Here we go. Killed by BryceLarkin who had…who was
not a mage but killed me with a Missile Bolt. Outstanding, thumbs up for that BryceLarkin. And made me waste my Missile Bolt
even though I never got a shot off. Nope, I’m just gonna get shot up here. Oh he’s not even there anymore. Wow I’m just wasting skills, what in the hell am i doing I don’t know. I’m going against a 30% buff which is absolutely destroying us. There’s some people here. Oh got them. But I think…. ah I couldn’t even get a kill on any of them jeez louise. So another bad Open Siege, so what is
that, two in a row now? That’s great. Hit by another Meteor Shower, I’m dead. Ah, I need to get to ten, that’s what I’m trying to do. Oh did he finally move? Finally woke up. Still hasn’t said
anything though. But I understand. I think some people I don’t think anybody actually volunteers to be leader, but they wind up getting it randomly which is kind of garbage. I’m gonna die again. Still taking damage. Hey, there’s #9. Oh there’s #10. I have no skills left of course. As usual. So we’re gonna drag this out no doubt. If you want to go ahead and skip to the end because I think this ending is pretty much set in stone. We can’t get our alters, we can’t get a
tower down, we can’t do jack. That’ll knock a few down. Here comes an elf. To do some… I’ll take that kill though. And that’s all they’re gonna do now, is just throw elven tanks at us. Oh, and there’s red teams leader. Oh wow, really? Oh, that should have been mine! They’re going after our spawn gate now. So this is pretty much over but hey! Got to 10. Got to 11 actually. Boy they are chasing me. What just happened there? I just used Volcano and nothing actually went off. Oh, we’ll take that. Boy was that a double kill? Move! Get the f*ck out of the way holy sh*t. Hornswaggler, what are you doing bro, you’re just like standing in the way. Oh, I hit some people there. I mean, well they’ve already busted into our gate so I’m pretty much screwed no matter what. Oh, there he is again. Maybe you should change jobs, Horn. Haha. Oh…that’s, that’s nice. Thanks Pandachu. They’re using tons of potions? Well duh! Okay, I’m not even gonna bother getting up. I got my 10 kills and some change. This is pretty much a done deal. Sorry
Lysy, lost on your request. Next time. Hopefully. But I’m not gonna bother to
get up I mean what is going on here. The red have us surrounded. Alright, Start imprinting, let’s go, get
this over. Six. Five. Four. Hurry. Up. Already. Outstanding. Alright, well 12 kills 11 deaths; that’s that’s probably the best I’ve ever done on a loss for sure. I made fourth on my team. Not too shabby, I guess for a loss haha. Well, ladies and gentlemen, thank you all for watching, like it, love it, hate it, comment on it, subscribe to my channel if you haven’t done so already,
don’t forget to share it, come hang out with me on my various social media
platforms and until next time have yourselves a better time than this,
playing Lineage 2: Revolution.


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