Lollapalooza Street Magic With JIBRIZY

( music playing )Hey, guys, we’re filming
a magic show for Lollapalooza. Would it be cool
if I showed you some magic and caught it on camera?
Yeah? Okay, sick.( music playing )I’m gonna do this to you.
What’s your name? – Brent. Yeah.
– Brent? All right, Brent, look. Stand right here, okay? This one will do.
Hold your finger up
just like so. So, Brent, I’m gonna pull
this ring straight through
your finger. – No!
– Okay. – I’m gonna draw an X,
all right?
– Okay. – Okay.
– The X.( music playing )Look, I can actually… – Take it off my hand.
– Okay. – All right?
– Uh-huh. – And through it straight
towards yours.
– Okay. Brent, it goes onto
your finger. And then…
( clicks tongue ) goes through.
Don’t move. Watch the ring.
Give it a blow. – Where’d it go?
– What the? And open it towards the camera.
Open it– Open your palm
towards the camera. Now look, Brent,
I’m standing right here. Take a look at your shoulder. – What?
– ( clamoring ) ( clamoring ) Okay, so check this out.
You see my pinkie, right? – Yeah.
– Watch this. Look. ( grunting ) – I can bend it, right?
– Oh! Look, I can bend it back. I can even take it,
I can push it in. I can pull it out. And the best part is,
look, look, look. I can even… Oh! I can do it that way, too.
Do you want to touch it? – Aah!
– ( laughter ) – Man, thanks.
– I love your channel, bro. One, two, three. all: Jibrizy!

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