Liliana Reacts! Not on Modern Masters box? (Magic The Gathering MTG MM3 Spoiler / Preview Card)

  1. If you love the cosplay of Christine Sprankle, please take a moment to view this heartfelt video from her to the Magic The Gathering Community:

  2. I know that with how many people praise it I am an idiot for not liking Goblin Guide. I just really don't want to hand my opponent cards. lol

  3. I really liked her acting in this, she did a great mix of comedy and serious. Made it easy for me to laugh at it enjoying the writing

  4. I just joined the Magic community and only just found out what happened with Christine. I feel really sad to hear what happened and I hope she gets back on the cosplay scene. She's really good and the fact she felt the need to stop is awful.

  5. Wait why’d you call down Liliana just to tell her that she wasn’t going to be on the packaging… you knew she would kill you. It’s happened before.

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