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let’s play, this is tryinmorning And Lady Shura and today we’re going to be taking on a game called Orphen Scion of Sorcery Dun dun dun! Oh my god… If you know this game then you know what we’re in store for Yes, it’s um, it’s quite unique and it was also like one of the first ones for the [PS2] oh we have a movie It was also an anime so i think it is days animee station if they don’t have any
violently flared please inform himself today before movies killed wise d tactic sometimes has been held it up immediately system ornamental does not distracting and this would be
great yes wire-tapping customs inspectors to sell never accidentally get into any qualms
about making although we don’t know following pirate hat you know i don’t think that this evening history of political shift but whenever
a convicted in jesus if you think these people minutes walking through the these are
some scenes for some preachers innocent at the table is mostly done opening
intros for applying or a whole finalized especially in the united
states temple in the brain financing to bring on drugs feathers that i put up for that rightly so let’s get this underway over here in miami shots but these unforeseen from vera protagonists of this town w such a beautiful place maxine recently clouds week you happy etc policy n here comes paul beginning a number of
one and weighing heels business people who don’t work and don’t
robert drove us it’s not for and think that harding threat boatlift wow hotmail standing up i think they’re becoming one and a half my to come with me detroit dollars godaddy
present position i a couple of minutes let’s talking about presidents and all
the years guys within one if their debts what is intent on content that has a
protagonist is a predator reminder just and people semi bankers guy mhm lends money to these guys in his
mouth abusing them to his feedback one i don’t know whether it’s a clever
five-point but apparently it’s cool filth models has boy or girl himself items so it’s kind of
questionable veins of look at these graphics keep addressing himself and morgantown smithsonian the movies are in export three nights in
widescreen from what we’re seeing and the six much better and hanky and that is not be the was
unanimous opinion maybe should go into the blankets by the
way guys disguise police microphone who is none other than rising arriving
from metal gear solid to you and what it means for us disenchanted does this mean fee and pass
them falk passcode out me called often streets developments politics with it was fun we’re doing this three times in the jury
didn’t drink here you’ve got a little of the sixteen th china finally suffered from a week
constitution phone call but it was sensitive for this flip-flop daring enough to read kids lines i want my money back reading strengthening of the contents
tri-city is looking at her home of london’s legal
muslims do what greenhouse in religious intolerance might bodyguard soon and i are going
great intended we just take a commercial isn’t
ideas to take time and rama i guess you’re on the right side hand and said i have to do these tensions to prove my
point gallagher wealth hateful you’re right needs here hello everyday kingsley consumer interest rates missus not safety rules means hoax strike on peter that close to god and
doing and doing on the scene t restaurants including an retrieve them let’s spiced pine trees up more came and asked relaxed hedonists why do i mentioned in
the senate meant sixty his name is magnusson and resent it and i saw the
and here in a criticism balanced cabins light was on the national setup decided
at the same masti needs and that’s the interest out he could easily lynching in a room just
has been dot com voice at least absence appropriately hitting vacations standard most his innocence this napping out there what chris something it’s just very heating the wind out are you sure the door politically handling it hillsdale white macbook is in our group and then
shipped approaches the word bugged me and trapped works now masters full-fledged as you can be seen
let me know federal so i think you can that u_p_s_ influence they’re everywhere
burry and she stood for something interesting right to control results for the first time spree amazing then awesome show my gratitude to you no yeah loneliness having here’s what i mean having sex inspiring
time sproles rocks a united flight this will shwetal barclays has come from the parents are completely unfounded
alliances collapsing for north carolina apparently additional caused by the fall suddenly proceeding right now or fire anything okay something soak up the shots home and within the money many manning lillian sends stints how exciting while okay you know behaves in cement say i’m not
going to be too impressive wait till they get later on yet when i can spoil it what what the thirty miles dismal a chess had no idea by manchester’s cause a
major flight unhappy they’re unhappy is holding back
lol this water harold incense pessimism implementation of the fleas doors
explore around ransacked unless the crime ones yet transplants directly how do you worry about your job close at
a time like this steven he’s comment these are supposed
to be taking care of my luggage what’s happened because there aren’t going to get this
economy is sort of converts multiplied carefully has attempted scale yet let’s go who test more treasure with not only respect them and what is it baltimore and insan administrative insistence yet we
couldn’t scheme alive he’d once before i came from you elevated together and i don’t think we
have reason might have reason ida means female his trip from that the restart but idea tell you before but you ignored frost shut up already this is more important things to worry
about the ship is crawling with monsters and flooded i don’t see any instance
where there was a fantastic immunize let’s just get to the deck okay excerpt from played in austin i’m sure will pass this
thing out within hamas is ridiculous frozen john-john finance terribly killing what are you someone be something awesome something tool mostly been charged it’s like having your honor to be tough place of birth enemies is the as he was so close and i think it’s
lovely known as soon as possible to white
climbing rope to get up when school the stairs or something i’d by no expertise in this both enough my voice will generally
about allied die here with you again tied widely seen as a loss and i think
actually counts the number of fights that argument really yeah system specific number of
the find out later are now there’s the boxes but there are some rounds before though
yeah moves out of water leadership lurch to me all right what’s in this room looks like
whoever was here it’s gone now well by observant alliance the city’s empty but yeah i think you can see that thomas
al yeltsin what holly hunter or to short friends they’re actually michel explains dole’s but activates something else it rolls and
perhaps well yesterday unfolding stepped in mathematically special people i don’t
know what they were exactly my image of needing scoundrels this is not
time to be stealing as opposed to later on when you can
steal well the public leaders could think
workmen’s has three seventeen so they’re probably late seventies heroism an insight into the equation fifteen
specific or twelve but look seventeen as important part had kids of trapped in the audience hopes he didn’t have said but for the people always have been submitted to us if you
get the other than the one classes except the one much further parade have never had a fight in the scheme
we’ve got crabs with so few people to monitor them in
time ray it is safe she says daddy’s something because nobody had plenty of songs accidents the aidid inhibition of herewith that’s helpful within office firings act and the house you know when you have to say whatever
his attackers everything they had a very frightened by the year everytime like spelling five gunfight hates photography safe important
partying five he’s leaving for the fate of the health
of the top personal life and stephens hard to tell like on this
program recounting his weeks movies this summit if you have to do the hazard dino each ki and there are no wife be
consistent something news okay but i think that’s your carl reiner closer he’s not done tried repeatedly insists on election day is and feed you are going to have the ship disinvestment fantasies of of the company cast why uh… technosoft thank god yes i’m very hard to handle definitely thing will be good news for
both sides summer charges kono frequency sattar work charging eagles
companion articulating a string of that that it kendall was easy u_s_s_r_ all syntax trees at
the end of my room at the end of his late at night and then enemy in the window over the same ones
yet omigod and gets his voice is going to be and here’s members of the orphan and then i swear the shield and immunity reflux for is a nice house back to all
enemies flatbed if you don’t know is the colonel from metal gear known as
long and his team yeah so he’s relying too late for a long
jeep-like uh… very humorous way isn’t it you said other way too soon we were out tho but for states to have the voice acting and writing scripting
isis tear apart a few things students out fact really and where we can go out to you in the middle of the sea what we have a trying to help them do
wheat cannot jump on it if you jump onto anything nobody can run around us that’s helpful relative use what was the plant having a
step up and has a bottom camera angle changes that’s completely unnecessary
brand or a where they go i don’t know legislation but we are and that’s not the way to go
you know it looks like it might be because they said they were here are
welcoming and lit to rebuild plans for his journals okay left the door on the right now i don’t think so state alone how do you know the last two ways here extinct mackinac into we have to worry what has been a twenty point lead going
straight confident on the way that the clinton hans and print settings like
mine betrayed its polls after one tonight golbright if you have any sending yes ’cause watch how much of a
difference to making a few snow i don’t want the sino agree completely here
somewhere leverage magnus contributed mister
clinton’s candidly mass co family wallet yenna says compared with so they will
just let outside premature tell that they hope this one
outside the same place and they lost that both and lost both
somehow you know do you think the senate select but um yet of the things that the so if free interesting stuff i’d have to say bombing incidents better slash worries it’s better than
this point better slash worse than you were sick gets the better it gets for us
honestly can’t be beaten thirty carry one thanks for watching any thought you’d like this give a
thumbs up to be the comments and will be some more about it critique of within sign up for a free have been if
it’s too bad and boring let us know also who’d been currency care mine

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