Let’s Play: Happy Salmon | Ep. #4

Welcome to “Let’s
Play” in real life. Today, we’re playing Happy
Salmon, a frenzy-filled game full of goofy greetings. This game is brought to you
by caffeinated gummy bears, because our contestants will
need all the energy they could get, because sometimes the
salmon needs to bite the bear. The winner will
receive this custom built trophy made by our
friend John over at I Build It. The losers will get a slap on
the face with a real fishtail. I’m chairman of the board. Let’s Play. Let’s play. All right. All right. All right. Everybody pick a color. Purple. Pick a color. Orange. Just kidding. Just kidding. Green. Each deck contains 12 cards. Now, the goal is to get all
of your cards on the table by matching them
with another player. OK. First one to three wins. Yeah, yeah. We got to get this
started right. Kara, can I get a Happy Salmon? All right. That’s what a Happy Salmon is? That’s what Happy Salmon is. OK. Everybody ready? Yeah. All right. OK. On the count of three. Oh, it’s going to get crazy. One, two, three. Flip them. Happy Salmon! Switcheroo! Happy Salmon! Happy Salmon! Switcheroo! Switcheroo! Switcheroo! Switcheroo! Switcheroo. Ah, Switcheroo! Switcheroo! Pound it, pound it! High five, Happy Salmon! Happy Salmon! Happy Salmon. High five! Yeah! Pound it, pound it, pound it. Switcheroo! Ah, Happy Salmon! Happy Salmon! Pound it. Happy Salmon. Pound it! Somebody, Happy Salmon? Switcheroo! Pound it, yeah! Happy Salmon? Oh! That’s the bear, man. I missed it. Just so you know,
Ben, for the future, you’re supposed to
yell “Finished!” Get it? Fin? Fin. It’s so chaotic that
I felt like I was– I know. All right, I must be winning! I got a couple
Switcheroos with Kara, so there wasn’t a lot
of distance to cover. We’re going to go another round. I feel like my adrenaline is– We’re going to go
another round, guys. It’s partially the gummy bears. It’s white knuckle action. Yeah, it is energy gummy bears. That’s adding to it, though. How much caffeine
is in these bears? Enough. I’m liking these gummy bears. I don’t know if it’s
the competitiveness and the intensity of the
game, or the fact that we’re eating caffeinated candy, but
my heart’s beating a little bit. Got the jitters. They call it the jitters. I got the jitters. It’s helping. Need the energy to
get through this. Ah. Round two. All right, round two. Are we ready? Ready. Ready. OK. One, two, three, flip it! Switcheroo! High five, Happy Salmon! Switcheroo! Switcheroo! High five. Happy Salmon. Switcheroo. Happy Salmon. High five! Pound it, pound it. Switcheroo. Dang it. Pound it. Happy Salmon. Switcheroo. Happy Salmon. Switcheroo? Switcheroo? Ah, pound it. Pound it! I went the wrong way. High five. Pound it! Pound it! High five. High five. Happy Salmon. Happy Salmon. I’m doing bad. Pound it, pound it! High five! Switcheroo! Happy Salmon! Switcheroo! Happy Salmon? Switcheroo! Switcheroo! Happy Salmon. Pound it! Move! Ah! Pound it. Switcheroo. High five. High five. Yeah! No! Finished! Oh. Ben, number two. I am feeling good. Ben has a clear lead
right now, and I’ve got to catch up if I’m
going to stay in the game. I’m tied with the others,
but I don’t want to lose. Oh. I suspect you’re cheating, sir. Well, you guys know if no
one gets it right away, you can put it on the bottom. You’re completely
allowed to take your card and put it on the bottom. It’s such a risk
though, because– I know. Choose the wrong time. Because it’s– If you do it at the wrong time– If I do it and somebody
else is like, oh, I have what you were
just asking for. All right, guys. Round three. We’re going to do a silent round
where nobody says anything. You can only do gestures
and hand signals. What? Can we show them our card? No showing the card. So you kind of do this or this? Absolutely not. Do this. Do like– OK. All right. That could work. Silent round sounds interesting. I don’t know how I’m
going to communicate a lot of these things. I mean, it’s going
to be a lot of– I’m a talkative guy, but I
have very expressive eyes. One, two, three. Flip it. There’s a lot more oomph
behind those poundings than I would think. I like the peace and calm of
you guys not saying anything. It’s oddly calming
after all the chaos. Come on. Oh, god. Somebody’s getting really close. Yes! Fin! Fin! Finished. Oh, man. We have a finished. That one was tough. This is exhausting, and
we’re not even really moving. I mean, we’re barely
running around this table. And I feel like I
just ran a marathon. On this side, you can
smell the fish a lot more. Yeah. That reality is becoming a lot
more real for me right now– Yes. –because I haven’t
gotten one yet. Yeah, I know. This isn’t looking good. This one’s going to
be a regular round. So you guys can all use your– We’re talking. If he wins, we
both get the fish. I know. I don’t have to win. I just got to beat you. I just need to get one. I don’t care if I
win at this point. I just want to get one. Everybody ready? I’m ready. For round number four? OK. Here we go. Three, two, one. Happy Salmon! Happy Salmon! Pound it, pound it,
pound it, pound it. High five? High five? High five! Switcheroo. Switcheroo. Happy Salmon! Switcheroo. High five. High five. Pound it! Pound it. Dang it. Switcheroo. Happy Salmon. Switcheroo. Happy Salmon! Pound it, pound it, pound it! Who wants to pound it? Pound it. Switcheroo. Switcheroo! Dang it, Ben! Switcheroo. Switcheroo! Yeah, yeah, yeah. High five. High five! Switcheroo! Who wants to switch that? Switcheroo. High five. Yeah! High five, high five! Dang it, Ben! Happy Salmon! Every time I match
with Ben and Jon feels like a little
bit of me dies because I’m just going
to smell fish in my beard for the rest of the day. Switcheroo. Pound it. Happy Salmon, Happy Salmon! Happy Salmon, Happy Salmon! Pound it. Happy Salmon! Yes! Ben! Oh! Jon. Boom. Boom, Jon. Two points. I’m liking my chances right now. I’m liking them a lot. I’m looking pretty
good tied with Ben. Just one more. I feel bad, but then
I don’t feel bad. No. Jon totally stole
a high five too– Did I? –from Danny that
I was going for. That was like a tri-five. Watch the replay. It was fair. It was a tri-five. It was fair. See, Ben’s problem is
he’s just too slow. So you get in the
high fives and he high fived the back of my hand,
but that doesn’t count. I think he stole it from me. I mean, fair and square. You know, all’s fair
in love and salmon. The first two people that
actually call it out, they get a match first. So if a third person’s
calling out at the same time– Yeah, yeah. OK. Everybody ready? Yeah. Ready. Round number five. Here we go. All right. One, two, three, flip it. Happy Salmon! High five! Pound it! Happy Salmon! Switcheroo. Switcheroo. Happy Salmon. Switches. Switches. High five. High five. Switcheroo. Happy Salmon. Sorry. I’ve got to come over here. High five! Switcheroo. Switcheroo. Switcheroo. Switcheroo! Yeah, do it! Switcheroo! Happy Salmon! Happy Salmon! High five, high five! Switcheroo. Don’t leave me hanging. Pound it. Pound it. Don’t leave me hanging. Happy Salmon! Salmon, salmon, salmon! High five. Salmon, salmon, salmon. Happy Salmon, Happy Salmon! Come on, you two. Pound it. Happy Salmon! High five! Happy Salmon, Happy
Salmon, Happy Salmon! Salmon. High five. Happy Salmon! Pound it, pound it! Whoa! What was that? Oh, he’s dropping cards. Pound it! Switcheroo. Happy Salmon! Switcheroo. High five! High five! High five! Switcheroo. Switcheroo. Pound it, pound it! Finished! No! I was close! Upset. I almost won that one. I felt it. It was going to happen. And then it didn’t. I was one away. Oh, yeah. I had a rough round. Oh. I had a rough round, guys. You just stuck in there. Going. I don’t even know
you have the card– Got it! –And you’re doing it. Take it when you see it. Kara’s making a lot of wild
accusations about my technique. The way I play is to win. So I guess if that’s a
problem, then that’s a problem. The fish is not
getting any fresher. Oh, that’s true. Oh. It’s leaking some juices. The fish smells horrible. But when I saw the juice
leaking out of it, uh. Just a little bit of motivation
for winning this next round. Yes, thank you. That thing is nasty. More importantly,
there’s four of us and there’s only three
gummy bears left. Oh, no. You got to win for it. You got to win for it. I don’t care which
one of you win now. Just win so I don’t get fished. Fished? Is that a verb now? Is everybody ready
for round number six? One, two, three, flip it! Happy Salmon! Pound it! Oh. Sorry. High five! Pound it! Happy Salmon! High five, high five, high five. Happy Salmon. Pound it. High five, high five. Pound it. Pound it! Switcheroo! High five. Salmon! Happy Salmon! Yeah! No! Happy Salmon. Yeah! Pound it! Pound it, pound it. Pound it! Yes. High five! Here we go. Switcheroo! Ah! The Switcheroos
are pretty chaotic. Switcheroos are so awkward. I like the Switcheroos. I like that they’re weird. I like that I have to
skirt by people awkwardly. Oh! Oh! Switcheroo! No! High five! Yeah! Pound it! Switcheroo! Switcheroo! Happy Salmon! Happy Salmon! High five. Oh, skip that. High five. High five! Switcheroo. Fin! Happy Salmon! Happy– no! Kara gets the fish! Kara gets the fish. Uh. Jon. As winner, I present
you with a Vat19 trophy. Yes. This is pretty dang sweet. That’s cool. Kara, for you. Oh. Yes. Oh, I smell it. You get a slap on the face. Who slaps her? Winner slaps her. Well, you do it. Yeah, I’d say winner. Wait, what? I mean, I lose a little
bit too because I have to touch this thing. OK, I’m going to do a pop, pop. I’m just closing my eyes. Forehand, backhand. Do a Happy Salmon. Yeah, I’m going to
Happy Salmon your face. Here we go. [SMACKS] [LAUGHTER] The noise. Oh, that sound. The sound was incredible. [LAUGHTER] I could totally smell that
as it was hitting my face, and I’m pretty sure it
splattered everywhere else. I feel a little
bit bad about that. Not that bad. It was fun, and it
sounded really funny. But I feel a little bit bad. Guys, thank you for
watching “Let’s Play” IRL’s Happy Salmon. Nice. Good job. Pound it. Pound it. One last pound it. One last pound. Let me get some Happy Salmon. I don’t think you
want a Happy Salmon. It would be a crappy salmon. [LAUGHTER] Thanks for watching. And if you want to slap
salmon with your friends, be sure to pick up
Happy Salmon at Vat19. And while you’re there,
shop for hundreds more curiously awesome gifts. Vat19.com. Want to pick up your
very own version of Happy Salmon the game? Tap down here. Purchase it from Vat19. Also another big thanks to
our friend John over at I Build It for making
this sweet custom Vat19 “Let’s Play” trophy. Want to see how he did it? Tap over here. Also be sure to check out more
“Let’s Plays” by tapping down here.

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  2. Kara is yelling “pound it!” Multiple times at the start and she reminds me of supergirl as Kara danverse.

  3. Hold on Adam said in the beginning “welcome to let’s play in real life” usually it’s “welcome to let’s play i.r.l” just saying

  4. F I felt bad for Kara getting slapped by a real life fish tail and getting a lot of cards that are bad and not matching with others

  5. 😥😥😥😥😦😦😦😦😧😧😧😢😢😢😕😕😕😕😔😔😔😟😟😟😟

  6. Omg every time I watch you vids There is a commercial about ice cream Oreo and something else it's trying to make me get it!

  7. for some reason at 7:11 the way Ben said " that thing is nasty" remind me of the voice of Fix it Felix jr. in wreck it Ralph!

  8. Everyone: let's play Irl

    Jamie, to Adam: Just say "welcome to let's play IRL,"
    Adam: ok
    Camera rolls
    Adam: WeLComE tO lETs plAy In REal lIfE

    Vat19, except Adam: what the fuhck Adam?!

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