What’s going on everyone, Kellan Reck
here, and today I’m going to show you a few Zach King clothing change tricks
like this check it out just like that you can change your shirt
and do a whole bunch of different things with this trick it’s really really cool Zach king is the master of these
clothing change tricks he does them all the time and you’re gonna learn exactly
how to do it today you can pop in and out of clothes you can change the colors
of clothes you can do anything that you want it’s all and the magic will be
added so let’s check it out right now so in this video we have four different
Zach king clothing tricks happening and I’m gonna go over how to do each and
every one of them so the very first one that we do is changing your t-shirt so
you go from one t-shirt to another just by pulling at your chest so let’s take a
look at what the footage has here so to do this trick you start your shot with
one shirt on and then you want to swap in to the other shirt you’ll do a
matching motion with each shirt and cut on the match to get the exact edit that
you’re looking for so the next trick in this video is the overhead pull to
change into a sweatshirt now this is a very similar method you start in the
shirt that you’re wearing to begin and you record the first part of your video
then you switch into the sweatshirt and do a matching motion and cut on the mat now in this example I used a
cross-dissolve to help give the blend you can see that the sweater is sort of
appearing and it works as easy as that it’s all about cutting on your matching
motion the third trick is the pull down of the strings to go back to the t-shirt
and this is just a reverse of what we just did you can see I start here with
the sweatshirt pull down on the strings then I change into my t-shirt and do the
same exact thing works just like that and then finally is the snap to change
color now this one depends a little bit on your lighting and the color of your
shirt but really all it is is just using one shirt snapping and then using a
light a color change effect to give it a different look right after the snap make
a cut drop this change color effect onto your second portion of the clip that
comes after the snap and then you want to make sure the color to change is
matching your green from your shirt and then what you can go to is make sure
your corrected layer is showing and you can change the hue transformation so I’m
just gonna say a hundred here which will make it a blueish color and then you can
what I like to do is actually change to using hue I find that I get a better
selection of my shirt there and we’ll go with the matching tolerance of about
thirty five will go the matching softness of about
five percent and for the most part it does the trick if we do a saturation
transformer 15 will have the color pop a little more and if there’s anything
going on in the background all you need to do is just use your pen tool and you
can draw around roughly the area of where your shirt is so that nothing else
is changing color just your shirt area and we can fix that up here and just
like that you can do the easy color change effect if we play it back on the
snap the color of your shirt will change you can do this with anything just want
to make sure it’s a solid color if this were not a solid color we’d have some
issues there so those are the Zach King clothing change tricks
I hope they gave you some inspiration some ideas for your own videos please
please go ahead and like the video subscribe if you’re enjoying this
content we’ve got many more videos to come leave a comment down below if you
have any questions or anything really appreciate you coming out here we’ll
check you back in the next one thanks guys

  1. I think what really sells the trick where you were actually changing clothes is that each of the changes included some motion too to help cover the cuts.

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