Learn to VANISH and CHANGE a playing card – MAGIC TUTORIAL

  1. Mannnnn I love your vids such an inspiration Mehhh… you should do a reaction to shin lim's new Stage performance on AGT

  2. Pros: nice tutorial, already learning
    Le me, beginner: nice, cool, now back to practice the riffle shuffle

  3. "Cum on feel the noize
    , Girls rock your boys
    , We get wild, wild, wild"…. Nice song and nice video!!! 😀

  4. The quick little backpalm tutorial is sweet. Always enjoy seeing how different people explain how to do a move.

  5. Nice! Love blue crone and your spins and thoughts to magic! But please don't you never ever drink beer out of a plastic cup. Sorry, I'm Bavarian 😉

  6. That is a pretty awesome use of a back palm. I used to think that that move was only useful for stage card manipulation work.

  7. His back palm is telegraphing the technique before even exposing the change.it’s a terrible video and a terrible “lesson”.

  8. I started learning the back palm when I didn’t even know what it was called, 15 years ago. I never learned anything else with Cards until a couple years ago lol. It’s my fav. Practicing this like mad!

  9. Hey alex ! I am beginner in magic trick …
    Please reply me which card deck is helpful for magic ..
    (1)Bicycle Standard
    (2)Bicycle rider pack

    Also tell us which card deck u r using ?

    Must reply …
    Its Very helpful for us..


  10. This is the WORST tutorial of this trick because you need explanations on many other things like camera angle or how to go up with the hand which has the card covered….

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